30 Small Companies Seeking a Remote Workforce

30 Small Companies Seeking a Remote Workforce

Looking for a fun and unique work atmosphere? Although not as well-known, smaller companies can offer creative flexibility and personalized work experiences that larger corporations often lack.

With fewer departments to delegate to, employees on a small team often find themselves learning a variety of tasks that extend beyond their specific role. These turn into marketable experience on their resume and future career opportunities.

While you may not find a high-class gym or a coffee bar in the lobby, you just might find a more intimate workforce. This, in turn, can lead to closer relationships with coworkers and fun work benefits

Employee-first mentalities led many of the following companies to support unlimited time-off or minimum vacation policies. Additionally, full company retreats are an integral part of the culture for many of these companies, with employees enjoying annual travel opportunities to meet in person.

1. Beutler Ink

Focusing on strategy and creation of visual content, Beutler Ink’s 22-member team is located across the U.S. Supporting individual schedule preferences, the team sets boundaries on communication hours to ensure work-life balance.

2. Bitovi

Bitovi is a web application consulting team that simplifies JavaScript development and UX design. Along with daily and weekly check-ins, Bitovi’s 65 team members build communication through three yearly all-company retreats.

3. Buffer

With less than 100 employees, Buffer helps drive meaningful engagement and results on social media for businesses and brands. Buffer team members benefit from a minimum vacation policy rather than a maximum and meet yearly for a weeklong retreat at locations around the globe.

4. Ciao Bambino!

For those with a passion for travel, Ciao Bambino! is a family travel planning guide and vacation planning service. Supporting its team of professional travel consultants, Ciao Bambino! offers unlimited time off with transparent work expectations.

5. Fire Engine RED

Serving the education market since 2001, this team of 69 supports more than 370 admissions offices with marketing, technology, and data solutions. Fire Engine RED works to create a healthy culture with a balance between more formal company meetings and optional virtual clubs. 

6. FlexProfessionals

A niche staffing agency, FlexProfessionals specializes in connecting growing businesses with professionals seeking flexible work. Through weekly virtual meetings and quarterly in-person meetings, this small team creates a transparent workplace with clear expectations and traditional time-off policies.


Providing tools and data feeds, FMTC supports affiliate marketing publishers. With a virtual “open-door” policy, the small team builds relationships with weekly calls and optional, biannual tech conference attendance. Unlimited time off ensures work-life balance, and unplugging is required.

8. Go Fish Digital

A digital marketing agency based out of Washington, DC, Go Fish Digital helps organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies get control of their SEO. Team collaboration needs mean a more traditional core schedule midday for the 63 team members, with flexibility found before and after.

9. Greenback Expat Tax Services

Specializing in the preparation of U.S. tax returns for Americans living overseas, Greenback offers a completely remote work environment where travel is encouraged. With close to 50 team members, newly hired accountants benefit from clearly defined policies and procedures while being able to work directly with the owners.

10. Inpsyde GmbH

Creating plug-ins, websites, and WordPress themes, this 100% remote team fosters a creative environment with flexible hours and transparent digital communication. Yearly retreats inspire bonding with no electronics or work allowed. 

11. Inspired HR

One of Canada’s leading HR consultancy firms, Inspired HR supports its clients through sourcing new hires, employee branding, and performance management. The 23-member team utilizes weekly conference calls and shared calendars for transparent goals and outcomes.

12. Jackson River

CEO Alice Hendricks describes Jackson River as a “services company that happens to build software.” The company supports nonprofits by implementing software, building websites, and providing high-touch consultative support. Employees meet yearly for a four-day retreat and enjoy a traditional PTO accrual system for time off.

13. Knack

Knack builds simple, custom applications for thousands of companies of all sizes to manage and share their data. Benefitting from an intimate and fun team atmosphere, the 30 team members meet twice a year to work and play together.

14. Komoot

For outdoor enthusiasts, working with Komoot will be a dream job. Building the world’s “best outdoor navigation tool,” Komoot’s 100% remote team has a mission to help everybody live authentic outdoor experiences.

15. LiquidSpace

Creating the largest real-time network for renting on-demand office space, the LiquidSpace team lists coworking centers and other space providers on the platform. Newly hired team members will enjoy stipends for using the platform’s listings, optional weekly meetups in larger cities, and quarterly retreats.

16. Lullabot

Fully remote from creation, Lullabot is a web design company that has a passion for communication and natural creativity. Employees maintain team connections through annual all-company retreats, along with regularly scheduled retreats for smaller teams.

17. Modern Tribe

With a team of 50+ creatives, Modern Tribe creates inventive solutions around user experience, design, development, and more in support of startups to Fortune 500 companies. Offering yearly retreats in tropical locations, this growing team of over 50 members loves building cool stuff and maintains a portfolio of popular WordPress plug-ins.

18. MomsRising

Mobilizing grassroots actions and tackling the most critical issues facing women and families, MomsRising is a nonprofit taking on Capitol Hill. This mom-friendly organization has a generous time-off policy and meets once a year in person. 

19. NodeSource

Focusing on providing Fortune 500 companies with enterprise-level support, NodeSource supports its small remote workforce through quarterly meetups. With a global mindset, team members enjoy an unlimited time-off policy.

20. OnTheGoSystems

With both professional translation services and a multilingual plug-in, OnTheGoSystems helps more than 700,000 websites translate their content. Yearly team meetups occur around the globe to support this international team of less than 100 members. 

21. Packlane

An online printing company that makes the process of ordering custom packaging easy and affordable, Packlane offers low minimums and a user-friendly design tool. With a very social and collaborative culture, Packlane utilizes a shared calendar to stagger schedules for communication and personal availability.

22. Pagely

Helping brands scale their WordPress-specific sites, the team of 37 at Pagely spans the globe. Company-wide retreats twice a year and a minimum time-off policy create a productive work environment for its team of engineers and developers.

23. Parse.ly

The entire team of product, engineering, and design professionals at Parse.ly work with teams producing and distributing online content, curating data in real-time dashboards and historical data. With an optional office space in New York and corporate retreats a few times a year, remote workers are offered a balance of social and remote work opportunities.

24. Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Creating approachable and entertaining information, Showbiz Cheat Sheet saves readers time by writing up-to-date guides, movie reviews, and pop culture lists. Employees are reimbursed for activities with other team members and are encouraged to meet up at coffee shops and local areas to enhance camaraderie.

25. Simple [A]

Seeking proactive and heroic team members who communicate well and love both learning and teaching, [A] works on giant, content-heavy websites and applications. This small team has a more traditional work schedule and time-off policy for those seeking more definition in their work-life structure.

26. SitePen

Creating powerful, sustainable web applications, this close-knit team of under 50 provides professional web development and training services. With a stated aversion to fluorescent lighting, the CEO structured an entirely remote work environment.

27. Sococo

Sococo supports remote companies through an online workplace where teams come together to work, no matter where team members might be geographically located day-to-day. The small team works to imagine, design, and build new ways for distributed teams to work together.

28. SoftwareMill

A Poland-based software company, SoftwareMill’s 79 team members develop customized IT systems. After an extensive screening process, the teams have a monthly in-person meeting, as well as a yearly meeting that includes their families.

29. Summit CPA Group

With virtual CFO services, growing businesses benefit from teaming up with a CPA for professional financial advice and 401(k) audits without the cost of a full-time CFO. The company’s time-off policy reflects a traditional growth-with-yearly tenure model, and its annual company retreats create bonding opportunities for the team of 40 accounting professionals.

30. Taksa Technology Solutions

Taksa is a leader in IT application outsourcing services that partners with its clients to simplify, strengthen, and transform their strategic objectives into creative deliverables. Recognizing the significant savings on overhead that result from a remote work model, Taksa gives those savings back to employees as benefits. 

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