10 Part-Time Remote Jobs: 25 Companies Hiring

10 Part-Time Remote Jobs: 25 Companies Hiring

Are you a remote job seeker pursuing part-time work or a part-time side hustle for supplemental income? We’ve got good news! Whether you need to generate some extra cash, you’re seeking a part-time job with benefits, or you simply don’t want to work full-time, there is a wide variety of work-from-home part-time jobs available in a range of career areas.

To help you get ahead in your part-time job search, we’ve curated a list of 10 online part-time jobs for you to consider, as well as a list of 25 companies that offer remote, part-time jobs.

10 Top Part-Time Remote Jobs

Part-time jobs from home can be found in diverse fields, but we’ve created this list to help you explore some of the options available to you before launching your job search. Consider the following career areas to determine if any are a match for your skills and interests.

1. Customer Service Jobs

Customer service jobs involve interacting with customers to provide product or service information, answer questions, and resolve complaints. Remote, part-time customer service roles require empathy, effective communication, and problem-solving skills and include call center jobs, help desk jobs, and chat support jobs.

2. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs involve entering and updating information, such as account and customer details, into a computer or database. Remote, part-time data entry roles require attention to detail, basic software knowledge, and typing skills and include clerical jobs, survey jobs, and freelance transcription jobs.

3. Design Jobs

Design jobs involve visualizing and producing graphics, such as illustrations and logos, for books, magazines, products, websites, and other mediums. Remote, part-time design roles require creativity and design software proficiency and include graphic design jobs, product designer jobs, and web design jobs.

4. Editing Jobs

Editing jobs involve planning, coordinating, and revising written material for style, grammar, and clarity before publication in books, newspapers, websites, and other platforms. Remote, part-time editing roles require attention to detail and a strong command of language and include content editor jobs, copy editor jobs, and proofreading jobs.

5. HR Jobs

HR jobs involve overseeing the employment process from recruitment, onboarding, and training to managing payroll, administering employee benefits, and managing the employee experience. Remote, part-time HR roles require emotional intelligence and active listening skills and include benefits administrator jobs, HR generalist jobs, and recruiter jobs.

6. Marketing Jobs

Marketing jobs involve developing, implementing, and executing targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain customers and meet business and sales objectives. Remote, part-time marketing roles require creativity, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills and include brand ambassador jobs, market research jobs, and freelance marketing jobs.

7. Social Media Jobs

Social media jobs involve strategically sharing content on social media platforms to improve customer engagement and bolster a company’s marketing efforts. Remote, part-time social media roles require creativity, writing, and analytical skills and include community engagement jobs, content creator jobs, and video editing jobs.

8. Teaching Jobs

Teaching jobs involve preparing lesson plans, communicating learning objectives, and evaluating student progress across diverse subject areas. Remote, part-time teaching roles require subject matter expertise, leadership, and time management skills and include many different education jobs, from coach jobs to online tutoring jobs.

9. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs involve providing clients with administrative services, such as calendar management and travel booking, from a remote location. Remote, part-time virtual assistant roles require customer service, communication, and organizational skills and are admin jobs that include virtual administrative assistant jobs and executive assistant jobs.

10. Writing Jobs

Writing jobs involve producing written content that informs, educates, entertains, and/or appeals to readers. Remote, part-time writing roles require audience knowledge, research, and communication skills and include blogger jobs, copywriter jobs, and technical writer jobs.

25 Companies Hiring for Remote, Part-Time Jobs

The following 25 companies are known to offer part-time remote jobs spanning industries and career levels, from bookkeeping jobs to nursing jobs for entry-level and experienced professionals alike.

Find Work-From-Home Part-Time Jobs

As you can see, at-home part-time jobs offer many options, from easy work-from-home jobs to side hustles that pay well. Whatever you’re seeking in a remote, part-time job, there’s an opportunity to match it.

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More Companies & Jobs to Explore

Whatever your reasons for pursuing a part-time work-from-home job, Remote.co can help. Check out all of our part-time remote jobs!

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