Working Remotely

140 companies answer 6 questions

Working remotely comes with unique day-to-day challenges. From the initial step of implementing remote policy to nurturing company culture while operating remotely, we ask leading remote companies to share how they approach running their distributed teams from an operational level.

How did you implement a remote work policy?

Jungle Scout

It was a decision I made early on and decided to roll with it. I was already living the lifestyle when I started Jungle Scout…


Our culture dictates people’s remote work within the company. It’s not a formal process, but I think people catch-on pretty quickly.


That grew more organically, even though by now we consciously make decisions that favor remote work.

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Can a remote-friendly company have a healthy culture?


Yes. It’s important to have someone manage the community and for those on the local team to stay aligned on how and when to communicate with…


Definitely. Like every other aspect of leading a remote team, it requires an intention and sense of mindfulness. The true culture of a company is…

GitHub, Inc.

Absolutely, although it takes a lot of hard work and conscious effort. You simply have to be honest about the challenges of working remotely, actively…

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How do you nurture your company’s culture in a remote work environment?


We make sure to all get together as a company on a regular basis.  For example, we have two team members that live out of…

American Express

Broadly speaking, our culture is based on the Relationship Care approach to servicing, an ethos that says service is a people business driven by the…


We focus on the pillars of our culture: Fun, Action, Communication, Transparency, Trust (FACTT). Fun – Meetups, video chats just to make each other laugh.…

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What advice would you give to a team considering to go remote?

Codebusters, Inc.

Make sure you evaluate anyone you hire to be proven self-starters. The trick with remote work is it requires individuals with a solid concept for…

Inspired HR

If you are thinking of adopting a remote workforce I would advise you to first do your research – see if a remote work environment…


Be accommodating and flexible. You will receive their dedication in return.

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What challenges have you encountered building a remote team?


We’ve been remote workers before Workfrom. We’re pretty well versed in the challenges that face remote teams. Most challenges revolve around easy yet reliable communication,…

Vork Inc

One of the biggest problems is finding a team to build the application with the right skills at the right cost who are available when we…


It’s not always easy to collaborate on projects when working remotely. Collaboration is different when you can just stop by someone’s desk. To address this,…

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What are the most effective tools for remote team communication?

The Cheat Sheet

A combination of online tools such as email, video conferencing, and real-time messaging apps such as Slack brings everyone together at The Cheat Sheet.

Remote Year

We have found that most of our effective communication comes from two factors: frequency and consistency. Our team leads, for example, meet on a daily…


Our “office” is Hipchat. We have chat rooms for different projects, a room for announcements and a “water cooler” room for cat gifs. 🙂 We…

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What has changed about how your remote team operates?


Automation. As the company has grown we have discovered and created new automation processes so our GobySavvy UX experts can stick to designing, and we…


Being remote, we spent a lot of time perfecting the best way to convey information so that content remained clear and intact.  Our current tools…

Inpsyde GmbH

We are using better tools, less email, thank god – less Skype. 🙂 We are a great running team, everyone knows how the other one…

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How does your team address different time zone challenges?

Referral Rock

We work in EST/CST business hours for the most part. Certain roles that are not client facing have more flexibility, but we still require at…

Ultimate Software

Everyone is respectful of everyone else’s time and situation. However, if there is an important meeting scheduled at a normal time in EST, but very…

Coalition Technologies

We offer some flexibility in work schedules so that team members can have somewhat of a normal schedule, but we also require work hours to…

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