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Weston, FL
*As of November 2017
Ultimate Software Team

Ultimate Software Team

Ultimate Software Remote Company Q&A
Haley Sasser, Talent Acquisition Specialist - Interview with Remote.co

We made the switch because one of my team members referred a friend to be hired on our team, and she happened to work in Orlando. We knew she was a rockstar, so it was worth it to make that change and hire a remote worker for our team.

Remote work is extremely important to our business model. In order to hire and retain the best talent, you must be willing to hire outside of your office locations.

Our UltiPeeps are given the freedom to work on their own schedules and within the comforts of their home. Many positions require travel, which is also a benefit for those people who love to travel.

To attract and retain talent, as well as serve our customers in particular areas.

If a candidate explains that they need a lot of direction and “hand holding,” then that is usually not the best candidate for a remote opportunity. It is also nice if they have worked remotely in the past.

Yes, we utilize HackerRank for our technical assessments, and also a background check service once the candidate is hired.

Via Skype. We have a member of the onboarding team who is dedicated solely to remote employees.

Every team is different, but at least quarterly.

One of the hardest things is making sure you have a good set of managers overseeing the remote employees, and making sure they are fully trained on how to manage remote employees.

We have a Best Remote Office award every year, as well as many team trips and meetings that we involve our remote employees in.

We have unlimited PTO for all exempt employees.

Yes. As long as you trust your employees, have a constant flow of communication, and do not micromanage, you will have a healthy company culture.

We utilize many different communication tools, such as Slack, Skype for Business, Sococo, and of course conference line/email. We also have conference rooms in all our offices fully equipped with video conferencing.

Everyone is respectful of everyone else’s time and situation. However, if there is an important meeting scheduled at a normal time in EST, but very early for our Pacific coasters, our Pacific coast employees will typically wake up early and be on the call.

You are able to have the freedom to work on your own time, and you also don’t have to deal with a commute!

Make sure to have a separate working space when working remotely so that you can shut down and walk away easily.