What is your personal remote work environment?


Most of the time I work from an office in my house in Arizona. This is a picture of that office. When I feel like traveling, my work environment is a comfortable place where I can have video meetings.




I used to work sitting down with a large monitor and my laptop connected together.  I’ve since started standing, working from my laptop in various places around the apartment.  I actually really like the versatility of working from home in that way.  I can have a different “desk” every day.



I’m fortunate to be close enough to work from our Providence office sometimes. I share an office there with two lovely and passionate co-workers. When I work from home, I often sit in the kitchen, even though I have a “real” desk, too. Sometimes I need a change of scenery and I’ll work on my porch or head to a coffee shop.


Beutler Ink

I’m in the process of converting my spare room into an office, after my previous office got turned into my kids’ room, so currently I surf between a few spots in the house. My husband’s desk in the front room of our house has lovely views of our neighborhood, but is lacking in space, so I also use the dining table where I can spread out notepads and any books or correspondence. When I’m taking calls or doing Google Hangouts with my team, I have a comfy armchair in the corner of the spare room.


Big Universe, Inc.

I often tell people, my 3 pound MacBook Air and iPhone is my office. However, below is a photo of my home office. I also work out of Starbucks and other coffee shops a few hours each week and have worked in scenic locations whenever I don’t have a lot of meetings.

big universe office space



I own a self-build standing desk with a MacBook Pro in top as well as an external monitor. Sometimes I move to the couch or kitchen table, especially when I’m tired of standing. One day a week I join a local co-working space to get some air. I also try to work more from coffee places to mix it up a bit.

sebastian working



I work from my home office in Florida, USA.  



For me, an external monitor is key. I have a massive 32 inch Samsung display at my cowork space that I favor over my Apple cinema display at home. I also just got a Jarvis standing desk that allows me to switch between standing and sitting throughout the day.

chargify desk



My personal work environment is very light, white and clean. I’m a bit of a neat freak and fan of the paperless office environment. I have an external display on top of the popular MELLTORP IKEA table with a nice SF-bay window nearby. I often switch it up and work on a couch using a laptop desk too.



My wife (who also works from home) and I generally work from our 2nd bedroom, which is our home office.  There isn’t anything particularly special about my work environment.  I have the usual stuff: a desk, chair, laptop and internet connection.

Here’s a collage (made with our site) featuring 20 of our employees’ desks:

Collage.com Workspace



View some examples in this video highlighting what life is like for remote workers at Dell.


Eyeo GmbH

Dedicated study under the roof (far from the family noise) with relevant books nearby, a decent monitor, keyboard, mouse and chair. Docking station for company laptop, personal desktop PC and a KVM switch.


Five Q

For me, we’ve converted an upstairs guest room into my office. My wife home educates our four kids — so this is a productive, happening home. Often, I’ll pop into the car and go to a coffee shop or the front porch. Variety. Keep the spark.



I work in a co-working space in Oklahoma City that a friend of mine curated. He owned a building and garages in an industrial area and converted the garages to individual offices. I’m around a number of other startups and software companies that are thinking about some of the same challenges I do on a daily basis.

formtack workspace


GitHub, Inc.

I work from a fairly basic home-office. I have an adjustable-height desk for my laptop, an external monitor, and the ever-present mug of coffee. One of the things I like most about this room is the wide windowsill that catches the sun in the morning, and Annie (my dog) jumps up and basks next to me while I work.


Go Fish Digital

I work on a treadmill desk (crazy, I know).  I started with a standing desk a little over a year ago and eventually switched over to a treadmill desk, which I love.  I’d feel like a total freak in a traditional office, but in the comfort of my own home I’m free to be a little weird and walk like a hamster while getting work done.


Goodway Group

Laptop on a docking station feeding into dual monitors. Printers. Dedicated room in the house. Pretty standard.



I tend to change things up a little bit throughout the day and I try not to be totally rigid about how I split my time. It’s great to have the freedom and flexibility to lifehack around a routine a bit. Being able to start work at home, then relocate to a coffee shop for a few hours of writing, before heading to the office after lunch, has been fantastic for me. If I’m travelling, inevitably that routine looks very different, but one of the best things about working remotely is that you don’t have to go to a single office and work to someone else’s routine and demands. That’s massively helpful for my own productivity and motivation at work.

remote desk



For me personally, my workspace has a lot of natural light and is minimalist. I don’t like clutter and I need clean angles and bold colors to work (my office has some red and turquoise, which I didn’t think would look good but it pans out).



I have a fairly standard setup when working from home: I use a MacBook Air that I connect to an external display for that extra pixel space while designing. At other times the portability of the Air allows me just to unplug and go anywhere, which I love. I don’t think I’d be able to work from the same space all the time— I recommend mixing up your work environment when possible.



I specifically bought a property with a giant room of windows overlooking nature that I love working from each day.



Currently I’m working from a co-working space in Sydney, Australia. I use a 13” MacBook Air. I’m surrounded by great coffee and a bunch of creative entrepreneurs and startups. I’m also very grateful to have Bondi Beach just minutes from my desk.


Origin Eight

I work at a co-working environment in a 6-person “campsite” dedicated to my company. I also work from my home office, or wherever I happen to be in the world at any given moment.



Currently operating out of a partly finished basement, but working on improving that. 😉

Rod Austin - 20170420_162338



I keep it 100% mobile, everything I need is in my backpack. Power adapters, headphones, snacks, machine. I can setup at home, at a coffee shop, on a plane, wherever. Keep it simple.

sanborn workspace



I rent a coworking space two blocks away from home, where I come to work every day. It used to hold 12 people in my previous company, but now it’s just me, an executive assistant and a couple of other Scrapinghubbers from Montevideo that pop by every now and then. It has been often referred to as Scrapinghub’s Montevideo office, but it’s no more than a coworking space.  We never receive clients here. All our client communication happens by phone, Hangouts or Skype.



I have a dedicated home office that contains my standing desk, computer, other hardware, and bookshelves. It’s painted a lively, energetic color (yellow) and there is lots of art on the walls. There is a big window for lots of natural light, and a large mirror on the opposite wall to reflect that light back. There are also several plants to add some life and help purify the air. The floor is carpeted to make it easier to stand all day. It’s the best office I’ve ever had!



I live in a tiny house in northern Nevada.  One of the bedrooms is my office, and it’s pretty much a desk, treadmill desk, cat & dog beds, and an amazing collection of action figures and sci-fi doo dads. 

sitepen desk


Sticker Mule

Lately I’ve been traveling a lot so my work environment tends to be airplanes, hotels or my apartment. At home I have a 27” iMac and on the road I use a MacBook Air.



I work from my living room, or from our HQ in SF.


Sutherland Global Services

I have a designated office (which morphs into a “family room” in the evening) which is a bonus room over our garage.  It’s spacious, colorful – I love art and have mementos from family trips, favorite concerts, children’s artwork, etc. decorating my workspace.  

home office cloudsource



I spent a lot of time over Christmas break re-designing my office this year.  I added a new couch, photos from sailing trips, and some old reclaimed wood shelves.  I also installed some recessed lighting to compliment the natural light from outside.  There are two windows in my office and I find that especially important.  I couldn’t work without some natural light 🙂  I also have a few plants throughout the office too.

teamgantt office



I have a home office that is unremarkable, filled with the cheapest possible furniture, an outdated MacBook Air and a comically old and small Dell monitor. I work from the road a lot, so I just never saw much point in investing a lot in my home office. I do have three cats, which I think are crucial to success.



MacBook Pro 13″, MotoX, several headsets (Bang&Olufsen for music and calls, Jaybird for running). Lots of chargers and battery packs. 🙂


The Cheat Sheet

I keep it simple. I have a home office with a desk, laptop, notepad and pen, and a few of my favorite business books.


The Geller Law Group

I just moved to a new house, and one of the selling points was the amazing home office I would get to inhabit. It has large windows and built in bookcases.



I use a MacBook Pro, external monitor, iPhone, iPad, lab notebook, whiteboard, and good office chair. I usually work somewhere with a view (even though I am not today, as you can see in the picture below), and when I’m on calls, I usually stand up.

toptal work space




I moved from San Francisco to Oakland a few years ago for more space. Now, I work primarily from my home office (second bedroom) and from a standing desk. When I become too much of a hermit, I’ll vary my environment by working from cafes and coworking spaces.


Trade Conductor

My “office” is my computer and my phone and my flight and my suitcase.




I have a treadmill desk (which I love!) and an office with plenty of light.


Vork Inc

Almost anywhere apart from my desk! When I am at home in Berlin, I work from the couch upstairs, shifting my position for Skype calls to get the best background lighting. Otherwise it is in coffee shops, airport lounges, nice long train rides, and very occasionally in hotel rooms.


I work from a laptop in every room of the house.



You really don’t want a photo of my desk right now. It’s covered in paperwork on the one side and a mass of USB cabling, backup drives and headsets on the other side. The spaghetti has turned into one giant spagh. However I’ll describe something that changed my life and I’m trying to get the rest of our team to try it out. I use a standing desk. It’s actually a standing desk that can drop to sitting position at the push of a button. I spend most of my time standing. When I sit I use an exercise ball most of the time, but I also have a chair that I occasionally use.

For meetings I always stand. I find that provides me with great energy when I’m talking to people. When I’m doing hard-core geeky stuff I’ll usually sit. I switch between positions if I’m feeling like my body is taking strain in one position.

The desk I use is a Jarvis sit-stand desk and I think it’s important to get a sit-stand desk so that you can shift positions.



It changes every day! We work from cafes, coffee shops, breweries, coworking spaces and even parks.


Working Solutions

My office is in an unused bedroom in my house.  It has a big window in front and great light during the day.  There is far too much equipment – 2 computers, printer, phone, headset, file cabinets, etc. – and a very large “nest” of power cords, but it’s very comfortable, quiet, and effective.