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Fort Wayne, IN
*As of June 2015
Summit CPA Group Remote Company Q&A
Jody Grunden, Partner Interview with Remote.co

We are a CPA firm that specializes in both Virtual CFO Services and 401k Audits.

Nope, the switch was made starting at the top.  Both me and my business partner started working remotely a couple of days a week so that we could determine what processes, software, etc needed to be put in place in order to make working remote a great experience for our team.

Extremely important.  We work remotely with almost all of our clients.  So, it is important for our team to experience the same issues.  We conduct all of our team meetings through GotoMeetings and really frown upon face to face meetings even if everyone happens to be in the office at the same time.

Remote workers tend to work more independently with less reliance on the co-workers.  Also, the talent pool is the entire United States and not just what is available in your home town.

One reason is that we did not want to change our behavior as a growing firm by the capacity limit that our building had. With hiring remote workers there is no limitation on how many team members that we can add without having to remodel.

The interview process is entirely though video conferencing.

We try to have our remote workers meet up once a year.

Results.  No different than a brick and mortar business.

It is not for everyone.  You have to be able to hire effectively and be quick to realize that it is not a good fit for the employee.

We provide remote workers with a $2,000 per year technology stipend.

Flex time with 2 weeks first year, 3 weeks second year, and 4 weeks thereafter.

Both, we had a team member move to another state and we used her as our Beta. Originally, only a few wanted to work remotely – accountants hate change, so we then kicked everyone out of the office for 1 month and forced them to work remotely.  They surprised themselves and found out that they actually liked working from home.  All but 5 team members work primarily outside of the office.

Constant communication with all team members.  We also use social media like yammer for sharing “water cooler” discussions.

Use a system like GotoMeeting, zoom, or google hangouts so that you can not only screenshare but can also video conference.

My family is really important to me.  Working remotely is the perfect solution to travel sports.  I bring my laptop with me all the time and am able to conduct meetings in the “luxury of my hotel room” without the client knowing any difference.   I find that I spend 100 times more time with my family than what I would if I was prisoner of a brick and mortar company.

In the bleachers watching my son’s baseball game.