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Chicago, IL
*As of June 2016
Kin HR Remote Company Q&A
Fareed Raja, Marketing Strategist - Interview with Remote.co

Kin is an online HR software that helps you manage new hire onboarding, employee data, time-off tracking, and employee reviews & objectives. The Kin HR app manages HR and people operations, so you can focus on growing your small business.

Our parent company We Are Mammoth started their operations in Chicago but with continuous growth, we decided to go remote and hire the best people around the nation.

Remote work is as important to our business model as it is to our company culture. We focus on body of work in lieu of a body at the office.

Employee happiness and satisfaction is more important than anything to us. And our employees are the happiest when they are given the choice to work from wherever they feel is most satisfying.

We value autonomy and freedom at work. You don’t have to be in a particular city or an office to be happy or successful at work. We’re happy to set you up to succeed wherever you are.

We put emphasis on how well a candidate can collaborate with other team members in a remote setting. Also, having a sense of humor can take you places!

We utilize different tools to conduct interviews. Skype is great for one on one interviews, but if you’re trying to organize a group interview with up to four people then Google Hangouts lets you do just that.

Our app has an onboarding feature that creates a personalized onboarding process for each new hire. It’s important to do regular weekly and monthly check-ins with the new hires especially when you’re a part of a distributed team. Many of our new hires fly out to our headquarters in Chicago and spend time with the leadership team.

Our focus is employee happiness and productivity. We do have communication norms especially when it comes to communicating with our customers. Assisting customers is and will always be our number one priority.

Here are some tips: 1) Retreats should be easily accessible (closer to the airport) 2) Consider having the whole team living under one roof through AirBnB. 3) Be proactive and find your team’s preferred locations/activities through surveys.

We encourage our team members to meet in person as often as they like. Sometimes, it makes it easy for having a number of employees working together in a physical space especially when handling a triple constraint; time, cost, and scope.

Complete autonomy at work, building trust, and offering your full support to the team.

Absolutely, one great way to have a healthy remote culture is through work retreats: We are all social people; team members who work remotely still need or may demand a chance to meet up in person. Work retreats are great for this because they allow everyone to come together on unfamiliar ground and build that in-person rapport from scratch.

Do your research first because remote work isn’t a great fit for every company out there. Employee and customer surveys, their status within a company, can act as a good litmus test for a company’s current culture.

The early phase of adaptation can definitely be challenging. Finding talent that can enjoy being a part of a distributed team was somewhat of a challenge but the modern workplace has gradually made it easy.

We use several different tools to communicate with one another; slack, Google hangouts, and GoToMeeting just to name a few.

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is as relevant today as it was way back then.

Best was Dubai! In a cafe right across from Burj Khalifa.

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