At, we hand curate our list of remote jobs. And while lots of jobs are common remote positions, we oftentimes see some that are more surprising. Remote jobs crop up in a variety of job fields, and we feature these positions in 17 unique career categories.

So whether you’re a developer, teacher, or medical professional, there’s likely a remote job looking for someone like you. If you want to experience the benefits of working remotely, check out this list of 12 surprising jobs you can do remotely 100% of the time.

12 Surprising Jobs You Can Do Remotely 100% of the Time

American Sign Language Interpreter

Qualified remote interpreters and transliterators are needed on a freelance basis to service a wide range of interpreting assignments, such as American Sign Language interpretation and English/oral English transliteration.

Associate Dean – School of Public Policy and Administration

A remote associate dean will be responsible for all facets of academic leadership, will recruit and build a community of virtual faculty and staff, will participate in budget development, and more.

Behavioral Health Specialist

This remote position involves performing reviews of behavioral health files and consults, conducting thorough investigations of disability claims, and making effective decisions while integrating knowledge of mental health and medical conditions.

Business Transcriptionist

A remote transcriptionist will transcribe sophisticated business language quickly and accurately. Must be able to meet 99% transcription accuracy and have excellent U.S. English grammar skills.

Customer Success Champion

Working fully from home in a European time zone, the customer success champion will help customers get the most out their service and achieve growth goals. They will also oversee onboarding of new clients and give feedback to research teams.

Employee Benefits Administrator

In this 100% remote job, the administrator will help with the implementation of new policies, prepare enrollment guides, build and maintain client relationships, adhere to HIPAA guidelines, and more.

Facebook Ad Expert

A Facebook ad expert is needed to manage existing and future Facebook Ad accounts and help clients get great ROI on their Facebook ads. This is a freelance, flexible schedule, 100% remote position.

Investigative Technician

Working for a provider of background investigation services for the U.S. government, the remote investigative technician will process submissions, validate case data, assign case work to investigators, and more.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

A part-time, remote mental health counselor will manage cases and write progress notes about each client using an online platform. Counselors interact with clients via text messaging, video and audio messages, and live video.

Project Manager

A project manager is needed on a full-time, remote basis to establish deployment scope, timelines, and success criteria; track feature requests and bugs reported by clients; leverage other team members to implement the deployment plan; etc.

Technical Editor

The technical editor will edit documents for grammar, punctuation, tone, acronym definition, and writing style; format documents; establish templates for documents; and more.

Writing Center Tutor

Working remotely, the writing center tutor will utilize different teaching techniques and learning styles to help students, be familiar with student learning materials, update professors and instructors on student progress, and maintain confidentiality.

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