25 Virtual Companies Without Headquarters

25 Virtual Companies Without Headquarters

Remote.co, a resource for companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers interested in or already embracing remote work, is celebrating its third year!

We’re taking the merriment public by highlighting 25 fully virtual companies. These companies span across different industries while operating without physical headquarters. Additionally, all of their employees work remotely.

Since launching, Remote.co has grown to include company Q&As from nearly 140 companies and teams. This number represents over 52,200 remote team members and demonstrates how remote businesses thrive in a fully virtual environment.

To showcase the diversity in virtual work, the below list is comprised of 25 fully virtual companies. Along with the list of companies, we’ve  included their company size and a short description.

Each company meets the following criteria:

  • Has no physical headquarters
  • Has at least 25 employees
  • Everyone works remotely 100% of the time
  • Represents diverse industries, such as administrative, computer & IT, finance, HR, marketing, nonprofit, education, and travel
  • Hires for a variety of remote positions, such as customer success manager,  head of people operations, and platform engineer

25 Virtual Companies Without Headquarters

  1. Aha! (51-100 employees) – the world’s number-one product roadmap software
  2. AirTreks International (25-50 employees) – helps people travel the world by providing travel planning services for multi-stop international airfare
  3. Articulate, Inc. (101-300 employees) – makes the world’s best online training software
  4. BELAY (51-100 employees) – provides virtual staffing solutions for small businesses
  5. Bitovi (25-50 employees) – web application consulting team that simplifies JavaScript development and UX design
  6. Buffer (51-100 employees) – an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform
  7. Chargify (25-50 employees) – billing software helps companies that collect recurring revenue simplify their subscription management and recurring billing
  8. Collage.com (25-50 employees) – makes custom products easy for anyone to create
  9. Crossover (51-100 employees) – sources, tests, and creates remote teams for clients
  10. Greenback Expat Tax Services (25-50 employees) – specializes in the preparation of U.S. expat tax returns for Americans living overseas.
  11. Jackson River (25-50 employees) – builds software for nonprofits
  12. Jungle Scout (25-50 employees) – provides tools to help Amazon sellers launch, grow, and scale their businesses
  13. LiquidSpace (25-50 employees) – the largest real-time network for renting on-demand office space
  14. Lullabot (51-100 employees) – designs and builds websites
  15. MomsRising (25-50 employees) – takes on critical issues facing women, mothers, and families by educating the public and mobilizing massive grassroots actions
  16. NodeSource (25-50 employees) – a software company focused on providing Fortune 500 companies with enterprise-level support, expertise, and tooling
  17. OnTheGoSystems (51-100 employees) – creates custom WordPress plugins to enhance the lives of the WordPress community
  18. Scrapinghub (101-300 employees) – helps people and companies get data and information from the web
  19. SoftwareMill (25-50 employees) – a software house and consultancy that develops customized IT systems
  20. Time Doctor (51-100 employees) – software that gives you x-ray vision into your remote team’s productivity
  21. Toptal (301+ employees) – connects thousands of senior developers from around the world
  22. WAKA Kickball & Social Sports (101-300 employees) – the largest social sport organization in the country
  23. World Wide Web Hosting (101-300 employees) – an international leader in affordable web hosting solutions
  24. X-Team (25-50 employees) – provides developers you can trust, whenever you need them
  25. [A] (25-50 employees) – [A] provides services that make complex enterprise content ready for an AI-driven world

Job seekers interested in these companies’ hiring processes can also consult Remote.co’s Hiring Remotely section for information on the best traits of remote worker candidates, what to expect in a remote job interview, and how onboarding works in a virtual environment.

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