Celebrates 1st Year with Remote Work Advice from 102 Companies Celebrates 1st Year with Remote Work Advice from 102 Companies

One year ago, launched as the definitive resource for remote work best practices — as the go-to source for companies interested in or already embracing remote work. Today, we’re thrilled that 102 companies have added their insight and advice to our Q&A section, and we’ve published over 160 articles, including 27 from expert guest authors such as Dell and PGi.

1 Year Later: Remote Work on the Rise

In the larger business world, more professionals and companies utilize remote work than ever before. In the U.S., telecommuting has grown 103 percent since 2005.

The newest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data reports that in 2015, 38 percent of workers in management, business, and financial operations occupations, and 35 percent of those employed in professional and related occupations, did some or all of their work from home.

According to a 2016 PwC survey, 63 percent say that in the future, eight-hour workdays will become obsolete, and 68 percent say that work will be done remotely instead of in a traditional office.

When it comes to job satisfaction, people who work from home are 48 percent more likely to rate their job satisfaction a “10” (out of 10) on the happiness scale than those working in an office.

What Companies Operate Remotely?

A variety of companies rely on remote work as their primary means of conducting business, highlighting that remote work is accessible regardless of industry and size. Companies represented on span:

  • Industries: Computer & IT, marketing, travel & leisure, HR, education, legal, accounting & finance, customer service and other industries utilize remote work.
  • Size: Company sizes range from larger workforces with hundreds of employees such as Toptal and Automattic, to midsize companies such as Showbiz Cheat Sheet and Ciao Bambino, and smaller ones like PeopleG2 and The Gellar Law Group.
  • International: Toggl, Balsamiq, Canonical, WooThemes and others have remote employees distributed across the globe.
  • Teams: Dell, American Express, and Sutherland Global Solutions have shared their experiences utilizing remote teams within traditional brick and mortar companies. According to Unify’s Way We Work Study, more than half of knowledge workers (52 percent) say that they now work in more virtual teams (distributed across offices and locations) than they have in the past.

Introducing a New Word, and a New Event: TRaD

Sara Sutton, Founder/CEO of and FlexJobs, is also proud of the new one-of-a-kind event she and her team hosted this June in Washington D.C.

“Remote work has gained serious interest from the business community, and we recently held a 2-day event called The TRaD* Works Forum (*Telecommuting, Remote, and Distributed) which attracted leaders from ADP, American Express, Anthem, Clorox, Dell, UnitedHealth Group, Xerox, the U.S. Department of Labor, and many others to discuss leveraging this growing work trend,” said Sutton Fell.

“It was clear from the caliber of companies in attendance and the many discussions that remote work benefits are being embraced by both businesses and employees. It’s critical that a resource like exists for companies to collaborate on best practices so the benefits of remote work can be fully shared and optimized.”

What You’ll Find on

Since launching one year ago, has grown to include 102 companies contributing in three main sections:

  1. Q&As: leaders from 102 remote companies, representing over 8,400 distributed team members, have answered questions about issues relevant in a virtual environment: company culture, BYOD, vacation policies, communication and collaboration tools, and productivity metrics. The most popular question on so far has been “What traits do you look for in candidates for a remote job?”
  2. Blog: 159 articles, including 27 from expert guest authors such as Dell and PGi, have been published in three main categories–the benefits of going remote; how to build remote teams; and how to manage remotely.
  3. Remote Job listings: Remote-friendly companies post remote jobs, and like-minded professionals search, and apply to remote job listings.

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