3 Industries Hiring Like Crazy for Remote Jobs

3 Industries Hiring Like Crazy for Remote Jobs

It’s the fourth fiscal quarter of 2017—wait, don’t yawn! If you’re a job seeker, take note: this is the time of year when many industries hiring for remote jobs, including temporary and seasonal jobs, seriously pick up their hiring pace.

With an eye toward remote hiring trends, Remote.co examined hiring trends in the research tracked at FlexJobs, our sister site. We cross-referenced those trends with job listings at Remote.co to come up with three hot industries hiring now for flexible work-from-home jobs.

Here are three industries hiring like crazy for remote jobs:

Computer & IT

Among industries hiring remote workers, computer and information technology companies continue to be at the forefront of sectors offering work-from-home jobs. From offering help desk support to a distributed employee team to providing cybersecurity expertise—and lots of roles in between—qualified computer and IT professionals are continually in demand.

The FlexJobs trends database for October ranks the computer and IT jobs category as the most robust, comprising 8.15% of all jobs in the monthly listing. If you’re looking for remote jobs in this category, here are some of the jobs on Remote.co from companies hiring:

Medical & Health

There’s a broad range of great work-from-home jobs in the medical and healthcare industries. Increasingly, traditional office-bound jobs in these industries are becoming more virtual, offering home-based job opportunities for experienced physicians, nurses, medical writers, psychologists, healthcare support specialists, and other professionals in this wide-ranging sector.

While many jobs in these industries require direct, “front-office” contact with patients and customers, there are also lots of “back-office” jobs, like coding and handling medical claims, that are increasingly being done remotely.

In October, jobs in the medical and health category made up 7.96% of all jobs in the FlexJobs database. Here are some of the remote medical and healthcare jobs being offered by companies hiring now on Remote.co:

Customer Service

Driven largely by seasonal and holiday demand, many companies that hire for customer service and call center jobs are looking to beef up their employee ranks through the end of the year and into 2018. If you’re looking for temporary, seasonal, or holiday work, this is a great time to dive in and explore opportunities to work remotely.

In October, some 6.29% of jobs in the FlexJobs database were in the customer service industry, one of the highest percentages among all job categories. Although many remote job openings are in the retail sector, some other industries hiring for remote openings include marketing, healthcare, and transcription. Here’s a sampling of some of the remote customer service jobs being offered by companies hiring now on Remote.co:

No worries if your career area isn’t on this list of industries hiring now. Keep in mind that great work-from-home jobs are available year-round, and offer fantastic flexibility like full-time, part-time, and alternate-schedule work options.

Looking for other industries hiring like crazy for remote jobs? Check out the great employers on Remote.co offering remote jobs in other industries like sales, accounting, online teaching, and writing.

By Adrianne Bibby | November 15, 2017 | Categories: Work Remotely

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