Remote Recruiter Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring

Remote Recruiter Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring

Are you a seasoned recruiter considering a transition to remote work? Or, perhaps you’re considering a career pivot, and recruiting is high on your list of potential careers. It’s a great time to take a look at the potential a career in remote recruiting can offer. Remote and hybrid work models have changed the game, making it easier than ever to build the career and work-life balance you need.

Flexible work options are in demand, and the shift to more flexible employment has created an exciting opportunity for you. In remote recruiting roles, you can significantly impact the future of job seekers and your work-life balance. If that sounds like the ideal blend of impact and flexibility, dig a bit deeper into the world of remote recruiting.

As a remote recruiter, you’ll have the ability to connect with candidates globally from the comfort of your home office. You’ll leverage advanced technology, like automated resume ranking and video interviewing tools, to efficiently match the right people with the right jobs.

What Are Remote Recruiting Jobs?

Just to clarify, let’s explore what exactly a remote recruiter does. Essentially, recruiters manage the entire recruitment process as the gatekeeper to the interviews and hiring managers—but from a distance. Find candidates, conduct interviews over video calls, and work with hiring managers to fill roles—all from your remote workspace. Despite the distance, you’re a key player in deciding who joins the company, directly shaping the workforce and individual lives.

Success in this role requires a talent for identifying the right candidates but also skill in using digital tools for communication and organization. Depending on the organization, you might be able to enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere. But you’ll also need to be self-driven and excel at creating connections without face-to-face meetings. It’s a balancing act between the freedom of remote work and the responsibility of being a crucial part of a company’s growth.

If a recruiting career sounds like the ideal fit for your goals and skill set, take a look at a sample of companies that offer remote recruiter jobs.

10 Companies with Remote, Work-from-Home Recruiter Jobs

From fitness to gaming industries, nearly every company needs talent and skilled recruiters to help them find the right fit. Many companies are hiring for full-time and part-time recruiter jobs, as well as entry-level recruiter jobs for beginners looking to work from home with no experience. Explore the diverse range of industries represented in this list.

1. ClassPass

ClassPass revolutionizes fitness with its all-access membership to a global network of studios. ClassPass seeks adaptable team players and offers various benefits, including medical coverage, a 401(k), flexible vacation, and a ClassPass membership.

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2. CrewBloom

CrewBloom specializes in creating virtual teams for diverse industries, offering cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. CrewBloom also offers flexible roles in sales and bilingual areas.

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3. Databricks

Databricks, a leader in unified data analytics and AI, has been transforming data handling for global clients like Comcast and Expedia since 2013.

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4. DECA Games

DECA Games, an independent publisher specializing in Games-as-a-Service, rejuvenates aging games through expert live operations. Founded in 2016, DECA handles everything from art to customer support for high-quality game integrations.

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5. FlexProfessionals

FlexProfessionals, a staffing firm established in 2009, specializes in flexible work for seasoned professionals across various fields. FlexProfessionals connects businesses with part-time and project-based talent, advocating for adaptable work models and career transitions.

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6. New Era Technology

New Era Technology, a global tech service provider, offers comprehensive solutions to industries like healthcare and education. Known for services in data networking and digital transformation, New Era works with clients like General Electric and has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list.

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7. Profiles

Profiles, a creative technology and marketing staffing firm since 1998, excels in rapid candidate placement for a wide range of industries. Profiles focuses on roles in design, marketing, and web development.

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8. Scion Staffing

Scion Staffing, established in 2006, is a national staffing and recruiting firm known for its strong emphasis on relationships and customer service. Specializing in diverse fields, Scion provides executive recruitment, interim leadership, and various staffing services.

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9. Spherion Staffing

Spherion Staffing specializes in clerical, administrative, and customer service roles. Known for its experienced team and community presence, Spherion has developed over 75 franchise markets nationwide.

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10. Wonders Technology Corp.

Wonders Technologies Corp. focuses on revolutionizing restaurant technology with solutions like Wonders Voice Platform, Wonders Pay, and Wonders Marketing. Employees enjoy a dynamic startup culture, community impact, and benefits.

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