Business books—either you love them and find them useful, or you cringe at the thought of reading them when tossed your way. No matter your stance on the power of business books, many business leaders and remote teams use them to gain different perspectives and new ideas that might work for their operations. If you enjoy reading, we’ve got six books for remote teams that have been recommended by leaders at remote companies.

Part of the Q&A on the site investigates the latest or greatest reads by our interviewed business leaders. Many companies had great feedback when it came to their favorite business book, while others liked multiple books targeted at different operational processes. The below books for remote teams, referenced as being a favorite business book, are resources to help virtual teams and leaders find their success.

Here are six books for remote teams and leaders:

1. Remote: Office Not Required by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

Who’s Favorite: Chuck Vadun, communications director at Fire Engine RED

Going remote is becoming more popular for companies, and this book explains the phenomenon. Much is discussed in the book, including the challenges and benefits of remote working.

2. Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore

Who’s Favorite: Amire Salihefendic, founder of Doist

A book with a marketing focus, Crossing the Chasm provides high-tech product marketing specifics that zero in on startup operations.

3. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Who’s Favorite: Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack

Having thriving teams that work well together is essential, especially in a remote environment. This book examines the different areas of challenges that teams tend to face that cause failure.

4. Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman

Who’s Favorite: Alice Hendricks, CEO of Jackson River

Focusing on the power of emotions, this book helps leaders connect with their teams through emotional intelligence. By using emotions in their approach to management, leaders can learn to shape and drive teams in a positive manner.

5. From Good to Great by Jim Collins

Who’s Favorite: Alari Aho, CEO and founder of Toggl

Wanting to go from a good company to a great company? From Good to Great, by Jim Collins, describes how companies can be more than average. Additionally, the book explains where companies can fail in the transition from moving from good to great.

6. From Zero to One by Peter Thiel

Who’s Favorite: Joe McCann, CEO of NodeSource

A book for entrepreneurs, From Zero to One is a good read for business professionals looking to make something out of nothing. And rather than focusing on how to compete better, the book highlights the need for companies to learn to differentiate themselves.

Remote teams and leaders are in fact leading the new way of working. In the unknown territory, it is helpful to have a guide, even if it is a bit fluid. As seen with these six books for remote teams, reading business books can help to stimulate your creative brain and get your focus on different perspectives. It’s in these areas that new ideas, such as remote work, are born.