Why We’re Thankful for Remote Work This Thanksgiving

Why We’re Thankful for Remote Work This Thanksgiving

For those who have more flexibility in their professional lives, gratitude is a familiar feeling. On this Thanksgiving, we’re especially grateful for remote work and all of the ways in which it continues to enrich us both professionally and personally. (On that note, it seems appropriate that I wrote this entire post from the comfort of my large green sofa, while listening to birds chirping outside.)

As professionals with remote, flexible, or nontraditional roles, this Thanksgiving we truly appreciate:

1. Employers who embrace flexible work options.

We literally couldn’t do this without you, so thank you for making flexible work a priority! Whether we’re distributed employees, part of a fully remote team, or spending only part of our time on-site, we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us and for the ways in which you enable this work.

Many of us are leading more fulfilling lives with better work-life balance because of your confidence in our autonomy. We feel strongly that this is both a smart business move, and an ideal way to build teams of the very best people.

We hope you’re as inspired by the many mutual benefits this kind of work provides, and we’ll continue working hard to make sure you know how much these opportunities mean to us. By creating and promoting flexible work policies, you’re also helping shape the future of work for generations to come.

2. Technology that helps us get work done.

Tech deserves its own special mention. There are a number of work-related tasks that I can accomplish today using only a smartphone or tablet that wouldn’t have been possible even a year ago. That kind of innovation and response to market needs is helping to propel the flexible work movement, and it’s empowering all of us with access to get things done whenever and wherever we need to.

As remote workers, our efficiency and productivity have been greatly boosted by an array of tools and software that make all aspects of communication, teamwork, and project management from a distance easier and, frankly, more enjoyable. Perhaps even more telling is the fact that many of the organizations that develop these products are also flexible work advocates.

3. Connectivity just about anywhere we go.

It’s amazing to think that, just a decade ago, there were so many hurdles to flexible work that we don’t encounter today.

Not only did few technological tools cater to remote workers as a group; beyond that, the ability to work anywhere wasn’t a reality yet. While some public spaces had or were launching Wi-Fi, it was rare to have citywide connectivity, and web access wasn’t considered a must-have for establishments.

Let’s be honest: the connection speed likely prevented you from getting much done back then anyhow.

Today, we can hop online in outdoor locations such as downtown plazas, parks, and college campuses—even historic sites overseas if you’re jonesing to sample the expat lifestyle. Restaurants, bookstores, and even your local auto body shop probably have solid Internet access. And with the ability to tether from our smartphones, there’s truly no limit to where we can work! That’s something worth celebrating.

4. Advantages that make everyone a winner.

It’s a win-win scenario unlike any other in our working history: with more freedom than ever, employees like us are happier and less stressed, living more balanced and productive lives. If others depend on us—whether we’re parents or caregivers—we’re better able to care for them. We’re also saving money and time by eliminating or greatly reducing work commutes. Hooray!

Meanwhile, companies are able to tap into more diverse perspectives by expanding their global talent pools, and they’re doing so without the costs or frustrations of setting up offices worldwide. Fewer cars on the road, lower energy consumption, and decreased waste from physical offices are all big pluses for the environment, too.

Could it be possible that remote work is really a win-win-win scenario?

5. Culture shifting toward even more opportunities.

It’s an exciting time to be a remote worker. Last year, nearly a quarter of U.S.-based employees worked remotely some of the time. While a few companies already have 100-percent distributed workforces, many others are considering flexible work options. It’s no surprise that making smaller investments in infrastructure and the ability to hire anyone, anywhere are attractive options for employers. To not only witness this professional culture shift happening worldwide, but also be able to help drive it forward is an incredibly rewarding pursuit.

While telecommuting in all its forms continues to gain momentum, we’re grateful this Thansgiving to already be among those able to make progress on projects that affect industries—whether we’re working from home offices, coffee shops, coworking spaces ,or yes, even picnic tables.

Want to find a remote job? Browse remote job listings and launch your work-from-anywhere career.

Readers, tell us what makes you grateful for your flexible, remote job this Thanksgiving? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

By Kristi DePaul | Categories: Remote Management

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