14 Great Twitter Accounts for Every Remote Worker to Follow

14 Great Twitter Accounts for Every Remote Worker to Follow

Finding your “community” on Twitter as a remote worker can assist you in many ways, especially if you’re looking for a new job, attempting to advance your career, or wishing to work more effectively. Twitter offers many career-focused accounts that can help you during every stage of your career planning. We’ve compiled a list of Twitter accounts for every remote worker to consider following.

Check out this list of 14 Twitter accounts for remote workers to follow:


Codecide frequently posts about resources and best practices that will support freelancing and remote work. Tweets focus on ways that you can better perform as a remote worker and ways that you can become a more profitable and productive freelancer.


Our sister site FlexJobs’ tweets focus on flexible and remote jobs, the latest flexible economy news, and job seeker success stories to help others learn about what skills can help land a flexible job. Many of FlexJobs’ tweets include links to blog posts that contain information about job opportunities. Of all the Twitter accounts for every remote worker to follow, this one is key.


Glassdoor has developed a winning formula for helpful career advice and thorough company reviews. Glassdoor’s Twitter feed is a mix of career advice, job search tips, and interesting data related to the job market.


Journalista posts on a broad range of interesting topics, including working remotely. This Twitter feed’s recent post, “Is this the beginning of the end for the traditional workplace?” is a thought-provoking read on #remotework.


Lisette Sutherland is the author of Work Together Anywhere, director at Collaboration Superpowers, a TEDx speaker, and a remote work expert who can be found on Twitter at @lightling. The content found at this Twitter space includes information on working from anywhere, keeping up strong communication channels while working from home, and participating in Q&As to guide you in your flexible working endeavor.


Lindsey Pollak is a multigenerational career expert and bestselling author with a Twitter feed, blog, and newsletter helpful for anyone at the beginning of their career. At her Twitter account, you’ll find Ted Talks, sage career advice for millennials, and more.


If you’re wondering how to answer salary related questions on an application, PayScale provides a free resource for compensation data. The PayScale website offers other tools, including a cost-of-living calculator and a career goal tracker.


Of course, we hope you’ll follow us—Remote.co—on Twitter! On our account we share awesome blog posts about finding remote work, managing a work-from-home team, succeeding in a telecommuting role, and so much more.


Remote Year has formed a community of working professionals and freelancers and offers advice on working abroad and in a remote location, and offers a forum for followers to share their tips and advice on telecommuting. The site recently shared their “Best Cities for Remote Workers 2018” article with followers.


Running Remote hosts a Running Remote Conference that features the top remote work leaders, which recently included FlexJobs’ leader Sara Sutton Fell. This Twitter account shares advanced strategies to manage and grow a remote team and how to create a remote workforce.


The mission statement of The Write Life is, “Helping writers create, connect, and earn.” This account offers detailed information on how to start a freelance writing career, market your skills, and track your earnings, along with many other topics.


Join the conversation about work flexibility at 1 Million for Work Flexibility—one of our sister sites, and the first national initiative creating a collective voice in support of work flex. Tweets focus on finding work flexibility in your existing position, organizations focused on flexibility for working mothers, why every boss should consider offering flexible work opportunities, and much more.


Working Remotely is a forum that provides weekly remote chats about telecommuting, and tweets and retweets feature articles and tips about successfully working remotely. Become a part of the remote work conversation by following this Twitter feed.


Yonder is another strong resource for remote work tips and information. Recent articles tweeted include topics on how to get more movement during your workday, making a jump from freelance to full-time, and working in the gig economy as a baby boomer. Yonder has a corresponding newsletter and podcasts that are tweeted as well.

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By Christine Bernier Lienke | November 12, 2018 | Categories: Work Remotely

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