The Benefits of Remote Teams

The Benefits of Remote Teams

For companies that have never employed a flexible work program, the thought of having remote teams may very well be one of the scariest moves to make. But, reality speaks volumes, and the benefits of remote teams far outweigh the fears that many employers hold onto.

With more companies implementing remote working arrangements and having positive results, it’s time the truth about remote work is revealed to the masses. To give you a consolidated look at the benefits of remote teams, check out the below list.

The many benefits of remote teams that non-flexible employers are missing out on.

The benefits of remote teams are numerous for employers. From costs savings due to less equipment and real estate to increased productivity and less turnover, the true benefits of remote teams can save companies thousands each year. Additionally, flexible work programs will help to attract more talent, providing greater opportunities for growth.

By Jessica Howington | July 5, 2015 | Categories: Why Go Remote

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