10 Surprising Remote Jobs Hiring Now

10 Surprising Remote Jobs Hiring Now

Certain job titles jump to mind when thinking of remote jobs: writer, software developer, and customer service, to name a few. And though these job titles are often associated with the most remote roles, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a surprising number of jobs can be done remotely.

For example, FlexJobs, Remote.co’s sister company, recently released its list of the Top 100 companies for remote jobs in 2021 and shared that, among other job fields, accounting and finance, project management, and mortgage and real estate jobs have experienced 25% growth from March to December 2020. (You can also view FlexJobs’ list of new jobs hiring now).

Many companies and positions have made the transition from in-person to remote, and some of these job titles are rather unexpected. Below is a list of 10 of the most surprising remote jobs that are posted on Remote.co and hiring right now!

10 Surprising Remote Jobs

1. American Sign Language Content Writer

Elevate K-12 is looking for an experienced American Sign Language (ASL) educator with experience writing curriculum. The content writer will develop detailed lesson plans and design engaging and innovative lessons.

Applicants must have a U.S. state certification in Teaching ASL and at least four years of experience creating ASL curriculum.

2. Comic Book News Writer

In this contract role, the Comic Book News Writer will create 2-3 news articles per day for CBR – Comic Book Resources. The position requires broad working knowledge of current and old comic books, video games, TV shows, original streaming programs, manga, and anime.

Must have experience with writing and editing. Availability during peak hours and weekends preferred.

3. Radiologist

Part-time, remote Radiologist will provide radiological interpretation services and design internal and external products and tools for Enlitic. Working closely with team members and physicians, this contract role will provide medical insights and feedback.

Must be U.S. board certified or a fully qualified Fellow, and have at least two years of post-fellowship or post-residency work experience.

4. Lyrics Associate

Genius is looking for a Lyrics Associate to transcribe musical lyrics. The associate will provide complete and accurate transcriptions of new releases and review and edit other transcriptions for accuracy and completeness.

Professional transcription experience is preferred.

5. Nutrition Specialist Coach

The Nutrition Specialist Coach engages, retains, and coaches participants in the OnTrak program on their nutrition to improve their health and quality of life. Using motivational interview techniques, the coach provides a member-centric approach to engage and communicate with clients electronically.

Must meet specific education requirements and have reliable high-speed internet (cable, DSL, or fiber) with a hard line connection and at least 10Mbps download and 5Mbps upload speeds. Employees are not allowed to travel with their computer.

6. Recipe Writer, Editor, and Contributor

Cozymeal is looking for a writer and editor to join the Recipe Production team. The writer/editor will copy edit and proofread 25 or more recipes per week and write recipe titles, subtitles, and descriptions.

Applicants need two to four years of experience in editing, writing, and content creation with a food editorial background. Familiarity with recipe writing standards and video experience are pluses.

7. Vacation Telemarketing Concierge

The Vacations Telemarketing Concierge for Marriott Vacations Worldwide makes pre-and post-arrival telemarketing calls, and provides elevated concierge services to guests and owners. They will schedule sales presentations and manage customer expectations while providing a high level of service to exceed budgeted volume production goals.

Applicants should have telemarketing and timeshare marketing experience.

8. Video Game News Writer

GameRant (a division of Valnet) is looking for a daily news writer to cover breaking news in the video game industry. The freelance writer will write 30 news articles per month while efficiently implementing feedback and edits.

Must have a broad knowledge of gaming history and culture as well as experience with WordPress.

9. Voice Over Artist

Study.com is looking for a Voice Over Artist to create short online video lessons for students. The voice over specialist should sound authoritative and engaging on all topics in order to bring academic texts to life.

Personal recording equipment, strong communication skills, and the ability to produce high-quality audio required.

10. Wedding Tech Operations

The Wedding Tech Operations role supports Wedfuly virtual wedding coordinators, who are responsible for executing client deliverables (evites, websites, slideshows), sharing media, and acting as tech support for virtual wedding guests.

This is a part-time role that requires mainly weekend availability. Must have an Apple laptop, external monitor, and proficiency in MacOS.

Find a Surprising Remote Job

These are only some of the surprising remote job titles on Remote.co. And no matter what kind of remote or freelance job you’re looking for, Remote.co features job postings for remote roles across a variety of career fields.

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