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Roxanne M. Tamayo Works Remotely

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Cebu, Philippines
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Virtual Assistant,
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Digital Nomad
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PAST YEAR: 10 Cities 4 Countries
CAREER: 50 Cities 15 Countries
*All figures approximate as of October 2016
Roxanne M. Tamayo
Interview with Remote.co

I was working in an office when I decided to find a part-time job working online. Eventually I quit my office job due to health problems and decided to work as a freelancer working online full-time.

Before I decided to quit my office job, I made sure to get an online job part-time. Consequently, when I finally resigned from the company I was working with, I was already prepared find freelance jobs online. I also prepared by saving money good for few months in case I wasn’t able to find other online jobs.

The biggest benefit about working remotely is freedom.

The greatest downsides to working remotely are: no paid holidays, and distractions you deal with from working from home like from TV and social media.

I don’t have a fixed schedule because all of my work is flexible. Sometimes I also delegate tasks to my friends who need part-time work.

To be honest, when I first started working remotely, I had a hard time concentrating. For example, I found myself checking Facebook way too frequently. It took me a while to lessen my usage.

One technique that works for me is going off the grid for a day by going to a place without my phone away from my home. That way I don’t have the option of doing chores like washing my clothes or checking Facebook. It takes a lot of patience, but you just need to develop discipline. 

I have used two coworking spaces in Cebu City: The Tide and the local Regus office. Both are fine and provide fast internet connections, but I have more acquaintances and friends at The Tide. 

  • Nikon D5100 camera
  • iPad Mini

My home office is nothing fancy. All I need are a table and an outlet where I could put all my electronics in one place. I use another LED screen as my second display. But if I’m traveling I’m fine with just a laptop as long as I’m near an electric socket to charge my other gadgets and my laptop as well.

roxanne desk

To stay in touch with virtual teammates, I use Skype, Trello, and Slack to communicate and update tasks.

I use three bank accounts to distribute my salary and keep track of spending. One account is for savings/emergency, one account is for travel, and one account is for withdrawing money for standard monthly expenses.

I think the biggest pain point of working with a traditional team while I am remote is working in a different time zone.

Working remotely gave me the chance to be flexible with my working schedule, improved my health, and gave me the ability to travel.

I stay connected to my local community through participating in a nonprofit organizations doing volunteer work and meeting up with bloggers during blogging events in the city.

Working remotely gives me the flexibility to work in my own time and pace. It’s also helped me to be more active by traveling and exercising more frequently. I feel so much healthier now. I sleep well, exercise when I get up, and can take my time getting ready for the day and eating breakfast at home since I don’t have to commute. I have a work-life balance. 

I am single, the eldest in the family, and I am the breadwinner. Working remotely has helped me to save money that my family and I can use during emergencies.

During break time, I try to take walks or even if just up and down the stairs. I also use a skipping rope, do basic yoga, and use 1L bottle of drinking water as a dumb bell. Sometimes I even tune in to YouTube for Zumba videos.

The moment I started working remotely, I started eating more thanks to my mom’s home-cooked meals!

When I am traveling out of the country, I always update Facebook so friends and family can follow along. I keep in touch through messenger and sometimes with Viber and WeChat.

People tell me that they find me approachable, and I really have no problem making friends. But there are times on the road that I am fine working on my own. Being a storyteller with your funny travel experiences can help a lot to start a conversation.