15 Real Work-From-Home Jobs to Make Money From Home

15 Real Work-From-Home Jobs to Make Money From Home

If you’re eager to work from home but are concerned about encountering scams in your search for legitimate remote jobs, rest assured. There are plenty of real ways to make money from home. While it’s important to know how to recognize the signs of a job scam and protect yourself, there is a wide variety of legit work-from-home jobs available, and opportunities abound in many career categories.

Below, we’ve highlighted 15 career fields offering real work-from-home jobs for experienced and entry-level job seekers alike. Before you launch your job search, consider the possibilities within each of these career fields.

15 Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs (Real Remote Jobs)

The following 15 job categories are some of the most popular career choices among remote job seekers, making them an excellent launching point for your remote job search.

1. Accounting Jobs

Accounting jobs aren’t just for CPAs and tax season (though there are plenty of seasonal jobs in that respect). There are many online accounting jobs for professionals with financial knowledge and experience in areas like auditing, banking, and consulting, such as bookkeeping jobs. Accounting professionals track the flow of money to balance books and maintain financial records, and each of these tasks is well-suited for remote work.

2. Customer Service Jobs

Customer service is among the most varied professions, with a wide range of job titles for individuals at any career level. Customer service professionals serve as a point of contact for clients and customers, resolving their concerns, helping them find solutions, and teaching them how to use a company’s products or services. Remote job seekers interested in customer service can find opportunities for call center jobs, chat support jobs, and help desk jobs, among many others.

3. Data Entry Jobs

Whether you want a full-time remote job in data entry or you’d prefer a part-time or freelance data entry job, there are work-from-home data entry jobs available in various industries to suit your needs and preferences. Data entry professionals, sometimes called data entry clerks, are responsible for entering and/or updating information in a computer or database. Many roles are entry-level, and data entry jobs can also include admin jobs and transcription jobs.

4. Design Jobs

Design jobs encompass many specialty areas, from interior design to graphic design to web design. If you’re tech-savvy, creative with visual mediums, and interested in working from home, a remote design job could be the perfect fit for you. Design professionals hold varying responsibilities depending on the nature of their roles, but generally, designers use computers and software to create animations, apps, websites, games, graphics, and/or other projects.

5. Developer Jobs

With technology so prevalent in modern life, there’s no shortage of remote job opportunities for developers. From software development to machine learning to programming jobs, developers have their pick of the litter when it comes to remote work. While the specifics of developer jobs vary, these professionals typically create diagrams to help computer programmers write code or create applications and systems that run on devices or control networks.

6. Editing Jobs

Editing is a field that lends itself perfectly to remote work, as remote editing jobs typically only require a computer with internet access, a keen eye for detail, and a strong command of grammar, punctuation, and language. Editors review and revise written material for publication in articles, books, periodicals, or websites, and opportunities include freelance and remote proofreading jobs, among others.

7. Healthcare Jobs

As telemedicine and telehealth services become increasingly common, opportunities for healthcare professionals to work remotely grow too. From nursing jobs to social work jobs, there are opportunities to work from home in the healthcare field no matter your specialty area or level of experience. Other possibilities include document review jobs, health coach jobs, and medical coding jobs, to name a few.

8. HR Jobs

Working in human resources can entail a multitude of job types, from recruiter jobs to HR consulting. In general, remote HR jobs involve handling employee-retailed tasks, such as hiring, training, administering benefits, enforcing policies, and managing workplace issues. If you enjoy working with people and can handle difficult situations with tact, a work-from-home HR job may be right for you.

9. IT Jobs

Information technology (IT) jobs are another sought-after profession in the remote job market given the widespread presence of technology in the world today, which is increasing the demand for IT professionals. Job seekers interested in IT can pursue many career paths, from cybersecurity jobs to tech support jobs, as well as various forms of flexibility. These jobs typically involve managing and storing data using computers, databases, networks, software, and servers.

Whether you’re a legal assistant, a paralegal, an attorney, or simply interested in criminal justice, remote legal jobs are becoming increasingly common. Legal professionals handle many different tasks depending on the nature of their specific roles. For instance, legal jobs can include clerical support for other legal professionals or directly representing clients in civil or criminal proceedings.

11. Marketing Jobs

Marketing professionals promote products and services to boost a company’s sales and revenue or, in the case of freelance marketing jobs, to promote a client’s brand. With modern marketing efforts often revolving around a brand’s online presence, remote marketing jobs are widely available. Whether you’re interested in working in social media, being a brand ambassador, or pursuing another marketing niche, there’s a work-from-home marketing job out there for you.

12. Operations Jobs

Operations jobs come with many different job titles but generally involve overseeing a company’s business processes to ensure productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Operations professionals can work in myriad roles, from account management to risk management to supply chain jobs. Companies hiring for operations jobs often offer remote, work-from-home, or hybrid work.

13. QA Jobs

QA, short for quality assurance, involves creating and administering tests to identify mistakes or bugs in software or hardware and providing feedback to ensure a company’s quality standards are met for its products and services. Quality assurance jobs can include software engineer jobs, analyst jobs, and testing jobs, to name a few, and like other technology-related jobs, remote work options are plentiful for QA professionals.

14. Sales Jobs

Working in sales comes with many benefits, from work flexibility to high earning potential to the ability to transfer your skills from one area of sales to another (or a different field entirely). Sales jobs require self-confidence and excellent interpersonal skills, and they involve selling products or services to customers and maintaining customer relationships. Remote sales jobs can be found in various career categories, such as insurance sales, medical sales, and software sales.

15. Writing Jobs

Writing is another career area perfectly suited for remote work, as writing can be done from anywhere and spans a broad range of industries and subject areas. Not only that, but it’s considered one of the easier work-from-home jobs that support a flexible lifestyle. Remote writing jobs can include blogging, copywriting, grant writing, technical writing, and many other opportunities, such as freelance writing jobs.

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These career fields are merely a sampling of the legitimate work-from-home jobs available to job seekers. No matter your level of experience or the industry you’re interested in, there are real remote jobs out there to fit your career goals and work-life balance needs.

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