14 Non-Tech Fully Remote Jobs

14 Non-Tech Fully Remote Jobs

One common myth about remote job opportunities is that they are mostly or all for technology related fields. Software engineer, web designer, mobile developer, UX designer—there are certainly a lot of tech-related remote jobs out there. But they’re only part of the remote work picture, and today we’re highlighting 14 non-tech fully remote jobs hiring now!

About the Jobs on This List

The jobs on the list below are all in fields outside of tech-related careers, and they are all fully remote. Here are some specific things to know about the list:

  • Remote work: Each job below is fully remote, meaning the professional would work entirely from home and never have to set foot in an office. They come with full-time schedules, they can be done from anywhere in the United States, and some have other flexible work options like flexible scheduling.
  • Career fields: Accounting and finance, legal, travel, medical and health, human resources, PR and marketing, customer service, business, writing, and administration are the main career fields represented by the jobs on the list. And many other remote jobs are listed in 16 career fields on Remote.co, so if you don’t see jobs that interest you listed below, be sure to search the full listings.
  • Experience levels: The jobs on this list range from entry-level through executive, showing that non-tech, fully remote jobs exist for professionals at all levels of a career.
  • Remote job salaries: Job descriptions for all types of jobs, including remote jobs, typically don’t list salary details. However, our research suggests that remote jobs and in-office jobs usually offer similar compensation. So for senior-level jobs, remote workers can potentially make salaries in the six-figure range, if that range is in line with what that occupation typically pays in a traditional work setting.

14 Non-Tech Fully Remote Jobs

Below are 14 non-tech, fully remote jobs that, as of the time of writing, were currently available. Click each job title to view the full description, learn the details of each job, and apply.

  1. Account Executive
  2. A.I. Chatbot Writer
  3. Associate Editor, Practice Development
  4. Business Operations
  5. Copy Editor
  6. Digital Marketing Associate
  7. Editorial Specialist
  8. Freelance Coordinator
  9. Human Resources Advisor
  10. Nurse Case Manager
  11. Production Artist
  12. Social Media Marketing Manager
  13. Staff Accountant
  14. Virtual Personal Executive Assistant

A Tech Tip for Landing a Non-Tech Remote Job

The jobs on this list clearly show that you don’t have to work in tech to work remotely. However, to land a remote job it helps to be tech-savvy and comfortable with the types of technology typically used in remote work environments.

On Remote.co, we’ve surveyed over 50 remote companies to find out which tools are the most widely used by remote teams. The most widely used on a “daily” basis include:

  • Instant messaging (Slack, Skype, and Google Chat were the most popular)
  • Project management (Trello, Pivotal Tracker, and Basecamp were the most popular)
  • Team collaboration (Slack, Yammer, and HipChat were the most popular)
  • Phone calls—yup, good old-fashioned phone calls! (Skype, cell phones, and landlines were the most popular tools)

All of these tools help managers and workers communicate and keep track of the work being accomplished. They also help to bring teams together for collaboration and team building, and to strengthen interpersonal relationships across the remote work distance.

If you have experience with these, or any similar communication and collaboration tools, be sure to list them on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and in your job interview answers. Showcase your understanding of remote team collaboration and communication norms, and you’ll stand out to hiring managers.

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Rachel Jay contributed to this post. 

This is a version of a post that was originally published March 24, 2017. 

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