5 International Companies with Remote Jobs

5 International Companies with Remote Jobs

Remote work is by no means a phenomenon only in the United States. The truth is that in countries around the world, remote work is often higher than in the U.S., and companies headquartered within and outside the U.S. hire remote workers. Today we’re shining a spotlight on five international companies with remote jobs. (Check out our sister site, FlexJobs, to search remote Canadian jobs, as well as work from anywhere jobs).

The World Economic forum has forecasted that flexible work, including remote jobs, is “one of the biggest drivers of transformation” in the workforce today.

The Mobile Minds Project (part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Migration, in collaboration with Remote.co) recently reported the following about remote work around the world.

Participation in Remote Work Worldwide:

  • In India, 53 percent of workers prefer to work from home.
  • In the United States, 37 percent of all workers work remotely at least occasionally, up from 9 percent in 1995.
  • The United Kingdom has 54 percent of its workers engaging in remote work.
  • In developing countries, estimates show that between 10 and 20 percent of managers work remotely.

It’s clear that remote work is a strong and growing workforce trend. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five companies, headquartered throughout the world, currently offering remote jobs.

Also, we invite you to download a copy of the full Mobile Minds white paper report, with detailed information on the benefits and challenges of remote work, and advice for governments, businesses, and supporting organizations to harness the potential of remote work to benefit companies, workers, and society at large.

About the Companies on This List

The companies listed below are all headquartered internationally (outside of the U.S.) and have current, open remote jobs as of Wednesday, May 10th, 2017. The jobs offered by these companies will allow you to live and work anywhere within the United States or the world.

Five International Companies Currently Hiring for Remote Jobs:

1. X-Team, Australia

X-Team helps its clients’ businesses team up with highly-skilled developers for IT-related projects large and small, and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Clients can hire X-Team partner developers individually or in teams of up to 25. X-Team’s developers have worked with leading brands like National Geographic, Twitter, FOX, and the Discovery Channel.

Frontend Developer (React)
Will work in a virtual home office environment handling open source projects and front-end development. Must be able to debug API responses. Prior experience with Bootstrap, React, Handlebars, Angular, and Sass is required. Must be fluent in English.

Full Stack Javascript Developer
Strong professional experience with Javascript and JS-based frameworks are important qualifications. Also should be comfortable with Git and testing frameworks. Remote and open-source experience are nice to have.

Node.js Developer
Work-from-home opportunity. Seeking candidate with strong problem-solving skills for Node.js Developer position working with open source projects. Must have experience with and knowledge of Angular, Gulp, REST API, Redis, React, Express, and more.

2. Boldly, United Kingdom

Boldly is a United Kingdom-based virtual assistance company, and its team of virtual assistants working in North America and the U.K. support client company founders and executives on five continents.

Business Support Specialist
Business support specialist will curate content, monitor social media, answer inquiries, help develop strategies, and other tasks. Requires knowledge of social media platforms and analytics. This is a part-time, freelance role. Work from home.

Executive Assistant – Paralegal
Seeking a part-time executive assistant/paralegal to provide support such as arranging travel, conducting research, managing emails, and other administrative tasks. Requires 5 years’ experience and outstanding communication skills. Remote. Freelance.

3. Doist, No Headquarters

Doist, creators of the popular to-do list app, Todoist, is working to create the workplace of the future by developing simple yet powerful productivity tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way of working and living. Todoist, their flagship app used by over 10 Million people, is available on 10+ platforms and in more than 19 languages.

Front-End Developer
Full-time front-end developer needed for a remote opportunity. Position offers a flexible schedule. Must be able to code web pages and emails for maximum speed and understand how to utilize CSS in building layouts. Experience in a similar role required.

Support Specialist
Japanese/English bilingual candidate sought for a remote support specialist position assisting customers and resolving issues. Computer proficiency, strong writing ability, excellent organization, and schedule flexibility required.

Windows UWP Developer
Position with some telecommuting for a Windows UWP developer. Work autonomously to enhance applications on Microsoft platforms. Applicant must have a thorough understanding of C# and XAML, successful related experience, and fluency in English.

4. Ushahidi, Kenya

Kenya-based Ushahidi is a nonprofit organization that develops and provides free open software used to collect information for visualization and mapping. The organization was originally founded in 2008 to map and report violence in Kenya in hopes of encouraging peace in the country, and it has since grown to support democracy and economic development worldwide.

Software Developer
Seeking a software developer for a remote position. Candidate will have a few years of work experience in international development and social justice, have experience working on an open source product, and have a passion for programming.

Lead UI – UX Designer
Responsible for the direction of iterative design, user testing, and user workflows. Will lead the development of design systems and processes for user testing while managing and branding creative assets. Must be experienced in GitHub. Remote.

5. ICUC Social, Canada

ICUC Social was founded in Winnipeg, Canada in 2002. Today much of their team is scattered throughout more than 30 countries making them productive 24 hours a day. ICUC’s more than 600 employees help companies manage their social media internationally.

Content Specialist
Turn your passion for social media into a profession by helping ICUC manage and monitor the social accounts for brands worldwide. You’ll need to be proficient with English and have significant experience with both Twitter and Facebook.

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