Inspiring and Unusual Places for Remote Work

Inspiring and Unusual Places for Remote Work

One of the best parts of having a remote job is that you can work from anywhere. So if you think that working remotely just means working from your home office, think again. Get inspired with some amazing places for remote work—and score a few laughs from the worst places to work—in the Q&A, “Where is the best/worst location you’ve worked remotely?”

Most Inspiring and Fun Places for Remote Work

By far, one of the favorite spots for remote workers is the beach!

“Best: a beach in Vietnam.” – Giacomo “Peldi” Guillizzoni, founder and CEO, Balsamiq

“Ubud in Bali still holds very near and dear to my heart. I also loved Tulum and Playa del Carmen in Mexico.” – Kate Kendall, founder and CEO, CloudPeeps

“Being on a beach in Thailand was great, except for the lifetime of my laptop.” – GitLab

Quiet spots also ranked quite high among remote workers.

“Earlier this fall, I spent the day working in a grassy area nestled in the middle of Catholic University’s campus. It was a few yards from where Pope Francis would celebrate a canonization mass as part of his much anticipated visit to the U.S. It was awesome to be present at such an exciting event (even if I only watched the festivities via a large screen live feed). I did something for myself, plus I had quite a productive work day!” – Sheila Murphy, co-founder/partner, FlexProfessionals, LLC

“Best: my villa’s balcony when I was on holiday in Italy.”  – Andrew Cullen, lead product designer, InVisionApp

Worst Places for Remote Work

Of course, there is always the flip side to fun remote places to work. Here are some not-so-amazing places to (try to) get work done. Airport floors, anyone?

“Worst: Starbucks with bad Internet.” – Nathan Gilmore, co-founder, TeamGantt

“It’s usually a family member’s house during a trip.  Extended family and in-laws never seem to have good internet connections—it is like a rule or something.” – Brian Patterson, partner, Go Fish Digital

“Worst was a lake house my family rented with a WiFi router circa 1915. I had to work in the kitchen on top of the microwave, two inches from the router for three days, standing up.” – Aaron Bright, MD, CEO & co-founder, Hippo Education

“Worst is probably large family gatherings where there are lots of people I want to talk to and lots of people that want to talk to me (also because who wants to be that family member working on the phone in the corner).” – Daniel Russell, founder and CEO, Attentiv

“Worst is probably the floor of any airport.” – Alex Turnbull, founder and CEO, Groove

“The worst has probably been public restrooms while waiting for a kid to “go.” The weirdest? Maybe on an amusement park ride.” – Ann MacDonald, director of content strategy, LovetoKnow

“Loud coffee shops with screaming babies.” – Stella Garber, VP of marketing, Trello

“Any place with slow WiFi feels like hell.” – Sytse “Sid” Sijbrandij, CEO, GitLab

The cool thing about places for remote work is that they can be found anywhere—literally. Of course, we hope that the next time you venture out of your home office it’s to a beach in Brazil—and not the loo at your local fast food chain!

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