How to Market Your Remote-Friendly Company Brand

How to Market Your Remote-Friendly Company Brand

As a company that embraces remote work, you’re part of an elite group that supports and understands work flexibility. Providing flexible work options puts you ahead of the pack. After all, 75 percent of workers say flexibility is an important factor in considering a new job or company. With so many qualified remote workers out there, it’s imperative that you market your remote-friendly company brand to find these potential applicants. Get your company name out there with these tips.

Here’s how to market your remote-friendly company brand:

1. Talk about it on your website.

It’s an absolute must to tout your company’s remote work policies on its website. The “Career” or “About Us” page is the perfect place to give applicants a feel for your company culture.

Discuss the type of work flexibility your company supports (remote working, contract opportunities, flexible schedules, etc.) and mention why flexibility is important to the company. Using the right keywords will lead people to your website and company via search engines.

2. Include your remote work policy in every job description.

It’s also an absolute must to clarify the flexibility offered for your jobs in every job description. Job postings get passed along via email, social media, and job boards and may get separated from your main company page.

Having this information in each job listing will set your company apart as a flexible-work supporter and will ensure you have the most qualified applicants applying to your jobs.

3. Post jobs to remote-specific job boards.

Having your job listings on job boards that cater to remote workers is a great way to market your remote-friendly company. Websites such as FlexJobs and this one,, will post your jobs alongside other flexible employers. You’ll also have access to top remote candidates who are looking for companies just like yours.

4. Become a flexible work advocate.

Get your voice out there as a flexible work advocate. Does your company have a blog? Write about your company’s experience with remote work or have a remote employee write about their experiences. Pitch these articles to news outlets. Offer your remote work expertise to journalists to get your company name out there and associated with flexible work.

Sites like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) can give you opportunities to get media coverage. You can also join 1 Million for Work Flexibility (1MFWF) and band together with other companies to support flexibility in the workplace. Lastly, contact us here at to see if your remote company is eligible for a Remote Company Q&A.

5. Get involved on social media.

Promoting your company’s remote policies on social media is a no-brainer. Create informative and shareable posts that clearly set your company apart as a flexible one.

Take it another step further and interact with flexible work experts on social media. Follow and participate in Twitter conversations or LinkedIn groups with remote work industry leaders. Share your expertise and you’ll find others looking to your company as a leader in the flexible work world.

By Rachel Jay | September 16, 2016 | Categories: Build a Remote Team

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