10 High-Paying Jobs, No Degree Required

10 High-Paying Jobs, No Degree Required

Conventional career advice suggests getting a college degree to land a high-paying job, but that isn’t always an option with personal commitments and financial constraints. However, lacking a college degree doesn’t mean high-paying remote jobs are out of reach.

Today’s remote job market has evolved to include many in-demand roles that don’t require a four-year degree. Many good-paying jobs without a degree required can be obtained with only a high school diploma and/or relevant skills. Although you need training or experience to reach the highest earning potential in any career field, these 10 careers are all attainable without a four-year degree requirement.

10 High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree Required

Before searching online for “high-paying jobs no degree,” use this list to start your career research and explore jobs that pay well without a degree.

1. Account Manager Jobs

Are you a persuasive communicator with a knack for understanding client needs? Explore the possibilities of an entry-level remote account manager role, where your focus will be developing and maintaining client relationships.

To start your account manager career without a degree, consider roles such as a customer success associate, which has a median annual salary of $59,752.

2. Data Science Jobs

When you think of data science, you might think you need a PhD. But in reality, many data analysts are self-taught or hold easier-to-earn certifications. You’ll collect, analyze, and translate big data into usable information in data science jobs.

Focus on growing your skills in analytics, databases, and programming languages, like Python and JavaScript. Without a college degree, reported median annual salaries for data scientists range between $71,075 to $75,709.

3. Design Jobs

Even without that elusive degree, creative minds can take home hefty salaries in the design world. Devote time to building a portfolio to show off your work. After that, you can gain experience through freelancing or volunteer work that will open the door to high-paying remote job opportunities.

Median annual salaries will range based on your specialty. For example, graphic designers have a reported median salary of $59,752, while visual designers have a higher median salary of $70,743.

4. Developer Jobs

Web development, software engineering, and app development are all areas where you can thrive as a self-taught professional. Although a formal computer science degree can open doors, many tech professionals are entirely self-taught or have gained skills through boot camps and coding schools.

Entry-level web developers can expect median annual salaries of approximately $75,538.

5. Healthcare Jobs

The healthcare industry isn’t just for doctors and nurses. Roles like medical coder, medical biller, medical writer, or case manager all offer the potential for a substantial salary. While some positions, like medical billing, will require specialized learning and certifications, the investment in time and money is significantly less than a traditional four-year degree.

The median salary varies significantly between specialties. Medical billing specialists, for example, can expect a median salary of $46,025, while medical writers report median annual pay of $70,103. With increased job satisfaction and strong employment outlooks, the healthcare industry is a solid choice for a lucrative career without a degree.

6. Operations Jobs

Operations professionals are the cornerstone of organizational efficiency, responsible for streamlining workflows, improving systems, and overseeing various company functions. Operations professionals often work their way up through the ranks, acquiring skills and knowledge on the job, and are rewarded with high salaries that reflect their extensive responsibilities.

This role is not just about managing people but also logistics, resource allocation, and process optimization. With the average salary for operations managers reaching $69,965, the potential for an income bump into six figures is very likely as you grow and specialize in a particular industry.

7. Project Manager Jobs

Project managers work with teams to plan, execute, and close projects on time and within budget. Certifications can help you boost your career, but you’ll also need to rely on organization, leadership, and communication skills. Discover work across multiple industries, including construction, IT, and event planning.

Salaries for project managers vary depending on the industry and the project size, but the median annual wage for project managers is $73,264.

8. Sales Jobs

In sales, what often matters most is a track record of hitting and exceeding targets, not a piece of paper from a university. Sales roles in high-demand areas like pharmaceuticals, real estate, and software can offer ample opportunities for lucrative earnings, though high-paying sales jobs can be found in many areas.

Sales representatives often earn high commissions on top of a base salary, making your income directly tied to your performance. Medical sales jobs, for example, offer a median annual salary of $76,921.

9. Social Media Jobs

In an increasingly digital world, social media skills are highly marketable. While a degree in marketing or communications can lead to higher-paying opportunities, professional experience and a demonstrable impact on a company’s branding and marketing efforts will prove your worth more effectively.

Start as a social media associate and look for a median salary of $54,405, then progress into more lucrative roles as a social media manager or director, where you can earn over $100,000.

10. Writing Jobs

The ability to craft compelling content for businesses is a skill that’s very much in demand. Copywriters, technical writers, and freelance writers don’t always need a degree in English or journalism to excel. Instead, a strong portfolio demonstrating the ability to produce high-quality content is often the key to landing high-paying writing positions.

Skilled SEO writers can earn approximately $69,099, while specializing in an area such as grant writing can earn you a higher average, at $74,792.

Find High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

To find high-paying jobs without a degree requirement, consider skills you already have or want to develop, and research industries with solid job growth and competitive salaries. Focus on networking, filling any gaps in your resume, and researching target companies.

Online platforms like FlexJobs, Remote.co’s sister site, can be an excellent resource for finding high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree. FlexJobs specializes in curating legitimate flexible job opportunities, from part-time to freelance to work-from-anywhere jobs. Start your search today!

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