10 Entry-Level Jobs and 25 Companies Hiring

10 Entry-Level Jobs and 25 Companies Hiring

Whether you’re new to the remote work world, a recent graduate, or a career changer, you can find an entry-level role suited to your interests in wide-ranging areas.

To start your job search, we’ve gathered 25 remote companies that post entry-level remote jobs across various industries. From the energy of customer service to the precision of data entry, these jobs will appeal to multiple interests and skill sets.

10 Top Remote, Entry-Level Jobs

Work-from-home entry-level jobs can be found in every field, but a few stand out with more frequent openings. These 10 job categories provide remote, entry-level jobs for you to research.

1. Customer Service Jobs

Entry-level customer service jobs are perfect for those with excellent people and communication skills. Help consumers and businesses resolve issues and find the ideal product. Remote customer service jobs are well-suited for you if you’re trying to get your start in a new career field.

2. Data Entry Jobs

Remote data entry roles are ideal if you’re a speedy typer and notice every detail. Transfer data into databases so companies can make data-driven decisions. You’ll need to be mindful of sensitive data and focus on accuracy.

3. Design Jobs

Help bring clients’ visions to life in a remote design job. Entry-level roles can range from graphic design jobs to web design jobs. As you build your portfolio, you can transfer your skills to nearly any field. If you grasp current design tools and trends and have a creative drive, this might be your perfect career fit.

4. Editing Jobs

Help bring polish and clarity to the written word in an entry-level editing role. Work remotely with businesses to ensure their copy is free of spelling and grammar errors in both print and digital pieces. Editors are often able to work from anywhere and enjoy a flexible schedule. Some editors also have the opportunity to specialize in particular industries, such as healthcare or technology.

5. Healthcare Jobs

Remote healthcare jobs allow you to support patients and caregivers in various medical roles, from health coach jobs to medical coding jobs. Depending on the role, you may help with administrative tasks, handle medical billing and coding, or provide virtual patient care. Healthcare jobs often require specialized training and certifications, but entry-level roles are a great chance to get your foot in the door while studying for future career growth.

6. IT Jobs

Consider an entry-level IT job if you love tech and helping to make it less confusing for others. You could work from home answering customer questions and troubleshooting technical issues, or build a career in cybersecurity. With technology constantly evolving, this field has room for growth and learning.

7. Marketing Jobs

There’s more to remote marketing positions than Zoom meetings and boardrooms. In an entry-level marketing job, you’ll bring the art of persuasion, a love of research and data, and innovative thinking. Help businesses compete as you find new ways to connect with the ideal customers and build brand awareness.

8. Sales Jobs

Remote sales jobs are ideal if you have strong communication skills and are highly persuasive. In an entry-level sales role, you aim to connect with leads and turn them into loyal customers. You’ll find sales in a range of fields, from insurance to medical devices, with a variety of businesses offering stable and flexible employment.

9. Teaching Jobs

In an entry-level teaching position, you can share your knowledge with others from the comfort of your own home. Remote teaching jobs range from tutoring math to elementary students to being a substitute teacher for an online education provider. You can launch a rewarding career with solid communication skills and impact lives worldwide.

10. Writing Jobs

Remote writing jobs range from content writing roles for business blogs to writing articles in medical journals. Put your love of creative expression to work for you in an entry-level writing job. You’ll often find flexible hours available, allowing you to tackle writing assignments in an at-home entry-level job while expanding your portfolio and honing your craft.

25 Companies Hiring for Entry-Level Jobs

Once you know the type of online entry-level jobs you’re considering, it’s time to start exploring employers. We’ve gathered 25 companies that post virtual, entry-level jobs for you to consider.

More Flexible Companies and Remote Jobs

Find Entry-Level Jobs From Home

This is just a tiny sample of the possibilities for online work-from-home jobs. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to find a remote job in a field that you find interesting. And you’re not limited to full-time roles. Explore part-time entry-level jobs or find hybrid remote jobs by focusing on companies in your area. A quick online search of “entry-level jobs near me” can get your list started.

If you’re ready to find a remote, entry-level job that supports your work-life balance goals, check out Remote.co’s sister site, FlexJobs. With new jobs added daily in more than 50 career categories, there’s something for everyone in the FlexJobs database. Start your search today!

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