Remote Sales Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring

Remote Sales Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring

Remote sales roles are revolutionizing the sales landscape. Today, almost every industry has adapted to include an internet sales division, opening doors for sales associates like you to excel without the daily commute. Technology has made it possible for you to achieve sales targets and foster client connections from your home office.

Imagine blending your talent for sales and relationship-building with a work environment that truly suits you. Remote sales jobs offer you the chance to reach your professional milestones while still enjoying the personal time you value. The opportunities in this field are more exciting than ever.

What Are Remote Sales Jobs?

In a remote sales job, your daily routine will include everything a traditional sales job entails. You’ll identify potential leads, present products or services effectively, and close deals. Instead of face-to-face interactions, leverage digital channels to engage clients.

Success in remote sales goes beyond just your ability to sell. It’s about forming solid connections with clients through virtual channels, efficiently managing your sales pipeline, and staying self-motivated. Sure, remote work comes with flexibility, but it also demands discipline. Staying organized and focused in your home office environment is key to managing potential distractions.

If you’re searching for “sales jobs near me,” consider working remotely. Remote sales could be your ideal choice if you thrive in sales and seek a career path that aligns with your life goals.

Companies Hiring for Remote, Work-from-Home Sales Jobs

Let’s explore a sample of companies offering remote and flexible sales jobs throughout many different industries. Many companies are hiring for full-time and part-time sales jobs, as well as entry-level sales jobs for beginners looking for remote jobs with no experience.

1. Accredible

Accredible strives to make learning credible and accessible by providing a digital credential standard for e-learning companies.

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Recognizing that patients communicate differently, revolutionized the communication that connects healthcare providers to patients.

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3. Core BTS

Core BTS works with large organizations and Fortune 500 companies, like Microsoft and Cisco, to modernize their technology systems to streamline operations and increase their bottom lines.

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4. Datadog

Datadog works with cloud-based companies to keep their systems secure through an open-source monitoring and security platform called Agent.

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5. GitLab

GitLab is a “code collaboration open-source platform” that enables users to unify issues by reviewing, generating, analyzing, and implementing code into a consolidated user interface.

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6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization and an online learning platform providing free education for students worldwide.

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7. Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt is a diversified manufacturer of products found throughout most offices, homes, cars, and retail stores.

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8. Livingston International

A customs brokerage and compliance services company, Livingston International manages its clients’ importing and exporting complexities, providing customized freight solutions.

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9. PNC

PNC, commonly called PNC Bank, is a banking and financial services corporation working with consumers, businesses, and corporations.

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10. Zscaler

Recognizing the need for cybersecurity to evolve along with technology, Zscaler provides Security-as-a-Service through a purpose-built, globally distributed platform.

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Remote Jobs Related to Sales

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The remote sales job market is vibrant and full of opportunities and a variety of career paths. With a career as a sales representative or a medical sales professional, you’ll discover professional growth alongside the flexibility to balance work with your personal life.

Curious to see what remote sales opportunities are out there for you? Along with exploring the roles here on, take a look at FlexJobs, our sister site. New remote jobs are posted daily in over 50 categories, including sales. It’s the perfect place to explore flexibility that aligns with your skill set and career goals.

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