Freelance Marketing Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring

Freelance Marketing Jobs: 10 Companies Hiring

Are you a creative and strategic thinker exploring remote career options? Or, perhaps you’re a digital marketing professional with a thriving career considering a transition to freelancing. It turns out freelance marketing jobs are the perfect fit if you are passionate about connecting brands with the audiences who need them.

In freelance digital marketing jobs, you’ll have the autonomy to work on projects that match your interests in an environment where your creativity can bloom. Build a career that allows you to prioritize the work-life blend you need to thrive.

What Are Freelance Marketing Jobs?

Freelance marketing jobs cover a range of activities, from developing comprehensive marketing plans and conducting market research to managing social media campaigns. You’ll work with clients to increase visibility, engage target audiences, and boost sales, all while operating independently from your home office.

This could mean partnering with startups looking to discover their niche or supporting Fortune 500 companies seeking fresh marketing initiatives. Regardless of your daily duties, success in freelance marketing hinges on combining your unique flair, strategic planning, and keen understanding of current marketing trends and tools.

Embrace the opportunity to handpick projects that resonate with your expertise and passions. Tailor your freelance marketing career to what excites and challenges you.

Companies Hiring for Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

Let’s explore a list of companies offering a variety of freelance marketing opportunities.

1. Akraya

Akraya, a staffing and recruiting firm specializing in IT consulting and talent services, collaborates with top technology companies across the United States.

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2. Aquent

Aquent, a global staffing and recruiting agency, focuses on placing professionals in marketing and design roles.

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3. Cella

Cella, a woman-owned and award-winning firm, provides consulting, staffing, and managed solutions in creative, marketing, digital, and proposal development areas.

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4. ClickGUARD

ClickGUARD is recognized as a leading player in protecting PPC advertising from illegitimate clicks, offering an automated, customizable solution for real-time detection, blocking, and reporting of fraudulent activity.

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5. Eula Blue

Eula Blue, a strategic growth consulting agency, offers bespoke services to foster holistic brand marketing and development.

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6. Kforce

Kforce stands out as a professional solutions firm specializing in assembling and managing elite teams in the technology, finance, and accounting sectors for top employers nationwide.

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7. Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan Publishers, with a history spanning over 170 years, is a global publishing giant made up of independent publishing houses worldwide.

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8. Plooto

Plooto is a financial services company specializing in accounts payable (AP) and receivable (AR) platforms designed to empower B2B clients with enhanced control over their finances.

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9. is the nation’s largest network of top-rated pet sitters and dog walkers. It operates as an online platform connecting pet owners with local sitters.

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10. Twinkl

Twinkl, an educational publishing company established in 2010, provides a comprehensive array of award-winning resources designed by teachers, for teachers to support learning from early childhood through adulthood.

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More Freelance Jobs to Explore

Looking for more great freelance jobs? These lists are a great place to start!

Find a Freelance Marketing Job

The marketing field is increasingly diverse. Freelance jobs are more important than ever when building your resume, growing your network, and boosting your skill set. Whether you’re seeking long-term or temporary freelance positions, finding the best remote companies to work for and a role that aligns with your career goals is invaluable.

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