Coboat: The Latest in Extreme Remote Work

Coboat: The Latest in Extreme Remote Work

Most people seek out remote work so that they can work from home—or when they’re feeling adventurous, their local coffee shop. Some remote workers have warmed up to the idea of coworking spaces in their local area. But what about venturing out farther, like, say, sailing away on the Southeast Asian seas? Welcome to the face of extreme remote work.

Now, we’re not talking about a dream vacation. We’re talking about real life, with a real job, working aboard an amazing coworking boat. It’s the latest in digital nomadism, called Coboat, and it was profiled by Kira Newman in the story, “Sail Around the World While Coworking on Coboat.”

Created by founders Karsten Knorr (from Australia), James Abbott (from Thailand), Tommy Westlin (from Finland), and Gerald Schömbs (from Germany), the entrepreneurial quartet developed the idea for Coboat while working together at Abbott’s coworking space in Ko Lanta.

What is Coboat?

Coboat is an 82-foot catamaran that will set sail in November 2015 and gradually sail around the world in one year. The boat, which can hold only 20 passengers at a time, will pick up and drop off digital nomads along the way as it embarks on its voyage from Thailand. It will then sail through the Maldives and the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. In spring 2016, it will reach the Mediterranean, then the Caribbean by the end of 2016. Stops in between will be Barcelona, Bali, and the Great Barrier Reef, among other drool-worthy destinations.

It’s all about work-life balance

But if you think that you’ll simply stay in your cabin while you work, think again. Work-life balance is the goal of Coboat, and the people who sign up to sail away should have a passion to explore as well as connect with other digital nomads aboard the boat. Or, when work gets too stressful, simply dive into whatever ocean Coboat is sailing through!

What’s the cost of Coboat?

If you compare Coboat to other coworking spaces, it’s certainly not cheap. A one-week reservation is $971, monthly is $3,884, or $50,630 for the entire trip. But traditional coworking spaces also don’t offer you all-inclusive meals, water sports equipment, diving packages, and all port fees and charges.

Certainly, Coboat is taking the idea of being a digital nomad to the next level, and it’s a truly exciting and extreme remote work idea. Simply show up with your laptop (and your bathing suit) and work your way to fun, new friendships, and the ultimate in work-life balance.

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