Design is a broad career field that can encompass positions in graphics, gaming, user experience and user interface, and photography. A common thread for jobs in design is that they almost always require excellent technology skills. And that can work in your favor if you’re considering remote design jobs where technology enables you to work virtually. has a great curated listing of remote design jobs that can give you a sense of the true range of opportunities in this job category, and the kind of education, experience, and skills needed. It’s helpful to know from the outset what kinds of responsibilities a remote design position might entail.

So, what do remote design jobs entail?

Here’s the overarching description of what designers do: they create, enhance, and improve ease of use for a client’s product, whether technically or by visual means. That said, the specifics of what a remote design position might entail can vary greatly, depending on the employer and the specific job requirements.

For example, a UX designer focuses on overall user experience, or UX, and works to smooth a customer’s access to a product, service, or website. Similarly, a UI (user interface) designer can work to make a customer’s experience easier, but with a focus on specifics such as how the product is laid out visually.

Besides technology companies, a wide range of employers in other industries hire designers. Industrial designers can work in the furniture and automotive sectors, for example, while graphic designers can find work for print-based organizations, as well as with online platforms.

5 Types of Remote Design Jobs and Common Requirements:

For job candidates who are exploring opportunities for a remote design position, here are some of the job types and categories listed at, along with their general requirements:

1. Product Designer

This kind of opportunity is great for candidates who also have a sales background and are interested in the end-to-end process, from conception through dealing with customer-use issues. To be a successful candidate for this type of job, you’ll need a great visual portfolio and experience in Photoshop or Sketch.

2. UX Designer

Many UX designer jobs require a bachelor’s degree in visual communications, human-computer interaction, or a related field. Typically you’ll need great problem-solving skills and knowledge of coding languages like Java, HTML, and CSS. Experience with programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver are also a plus.

3. Graphic Web Designer

Demonstrated ability designing beautiful websites will give you a leg up for this type of remote design position. Some employers offering these jobs allow you to work from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. You might be required to work on projects involving mood boards, branding guidelines, and wireframes.

4. Senior User Interface Designer

These types of remote design jobs typically go to accomplished UI designers. Some requirements might include knowledge of wireframes in addition to a strong understanding of coding languages and design programs.

5. Visual Designer

This cross-disciplinary position is a great opportunity for job candidates who excel in areas like human research, design thinking, emerging technology, and personal transformation.

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