What Are QA Jobs? How to Land a Remote Position in QA

What Are QA Jobs? How to Land a Remote Position in QA

Technology jobs have long been ripe for remote workers. With many positions done solely using the Internet and computer programs, performing these jobs from home can easily be done.

Today we’re taking a look at the world of QA by going over what QA jobs are and how to land a position doing this type of work.

What Are QA Jobs? 

QA, which stands for quality assurance, is a position that tests and assures the quality of software, websites, programs, and more. QA testers or analysts typically dive deep into a program or service to uncover bugs and issues. Their goal is to help fix and improve items before releasing to a customer or company. QA workers often use automated programs and test scenarios to find problems and ensure a good user experience.

You can find remote QA jobs with titles like manual QA tester, quality assurance tester, penetration testing advisor, technical quality manager, and more.

How to Land Remote QA Jobs

Familiarize yourself with the tools.

QA testers often use automated tools to help with the testing process. If you’ve never had a QA job before, familiarize yourself with some of these tools to give yourself a leg up on the competition. QTP, SoapUI, Appium, and Selenium are some common programs used.

Try running these programs on the product or service of the company you’re interested in working with to see if you can uncover any bugs. A company may be impressed if you come to the interview with ways to improve their product.

Become an expert on the program.

Having a thorough understanding of the program, website, or service you’ll potentially be testing in a new QA job can be immensely helpful. If you go into an interview already knowing the ins and outs, the more likely you are to excel at improving and testing the program or service.

Impress the interviewer with your vast knowledge of their software and convey your passion for the product.

Know how to work remotely.

Preparing yourself to work remotely, especially if you’ve never done so, can help you land a remote QA job. Start by setting up a home office with a dedicated place to work. Ensure you have a good computer and high-speed Internet access.

Read up on the many benefits of working remotely. A potential employer will like to see that you’re prepared and understand the intricacies of working from home.

Looking for a remote job in quality assurance? Check out these remote QA jobs hiring now!

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