Looking for Remote Education Jobs? 10 Companies Hiring

Looking for Remote Education Jobs? 10 Companies Hiring

Looking to redefine your teaching career with the flexibility of remote work? Remote education jobs open opportunities where your expertise and innovation can reach students beyond the traditional classroom. Ideal for educators and EdTech specialists, these roles allow you to impact learners regardless of your location.

Inside the remote education field, you’ll find a blend of teaching, content creation, and technology, all contributing to the evolving landscape of education. Ready to shift into the diverse world of virtual education jobs? Let’s dive deeper.

What Are Remote Education Jobs?

Remote education jobs extend beyond traditional teaching boundaries, embracing a variety of roles such as online tutors, instructional designers, educational content creators, and e-learning consultants. In a remote education role, you’ll not only instruct but also innovate in how educational content is delivered and experienced.

To excel in remote education, a blend of subject expertise, digital literacy, and creative instructional strategies is crucial. You’ll need to master various online tools and platforms to engage students effectively. The remote setup offers great flexibility, often allowing you to work from anywhere, but it also challenges you to maintain strong, meaningful connections with students and colleagues, often across different time zones.

10 Companies With Remote, Work-from-Home Education Jobs

Start your search for a remote education job by exploring these 10 work-from-home companies that have posted remote jobs in the education field.

1. Agora Cyber Charter School

Agora Cyber Charter School is an online public charter school and one of the fastest-growing educational institutions in the state of Pennsylvania. Serving children in grades K-12, Agora Cyber Charter School is a full-time, tuition-free school.

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2. Discovery Education

An education technology company, Discovery Education supports technology-enabled, innovative classrooms that prepare future learners. A leader in standards-based digital curriculum, Discovery Education delivers practice resources, creative tools, digital lessons, and engaging content.

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3. Edmentum

Edmentum is an education technology company that provides products and services to thousands of school districts across the United States. The company’s products include Study Island, Courseware, EdOptions Academy, Calvert Learning, Exact Path, BASE Education, Apex Learning, and Reading Eggs.

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4. Fullmind Learning

Fullmind Learning is an e-learning company on a mission to ensure all children have access to an exceptional education. Fullmind partners with school districts across the U.S. to extend their subject offerings, provide additional teaching staff through live streaming, and combat the loss of instructional time.

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5. MissionWired

MissionWired is an advertising services company that is on a mission to help its clients “change the world” by developing and delivering digital strategies that are innovative and effective.

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6. Pearson Virtual Schools

Pearson Virtual Schools, formerly Connections Education and a division within Pearson, is a leading provider of accountable, high-quality virtual education solutions for K-12 students, schools, and school districts worldwide.

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7. Study.com

Study.com was founded to reduce the financial burden of attending a traditional college and “bring tuition-free college to the community.” Study.com features over 200 instructors who deliver courses in a wide assortment of subjects, which are all available for GED credit, certificates of completion, or easily transferable to thousands of universities across the U.S.

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8. Teaching Lab

Teaching Lab builds equitable schools using grassroots organizing and research-based, teacher-led professional learning. The nonprofit‘s goal is to close the gap in educational opportunity by identifying and partnering with exceptional teacher-leaders, recruiting their colleagues, and supporting them as they work to improve instruction for underserved students.

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9. Walden University

Walden University is an accredited online university established in 1970 by teachers Bernie and Rita Turner. With a student-centered philosophy, Walden University focuses on meeting the needs of working adults pursuing advanced degrees.

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10. Western Governors University

Founded in 1997 by the governors of 19 states, Western Governors University (WGU) is an accredited online university offering a variety of competency-based degree programs to more than 40,000 students across the U.S.

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More Remote Jobs Related to Education

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