10 Things We Love About Virtual Jobs

10 Things We Love About Virtual Jobs

There’s plenty to gush about when it comes to the advantages of jobs that can be done from anywhere. Below is a start at a comprehensive list—or, as I’d prefer to think, a love letter to remote work—with an emphasis on the many personal benefits.

It’s no surprise that location independence evokes a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings. Here are 10 things we absolutely adore about virtual jobs:

1. Staying close to those you love.

Gone are the days of being forced to relocate for a job. Now, remote workers are able to choose to live where they’re happiest—and often, that has a lot to do with those in their closest circles. They can live in small towns far outside of urban centers, if they like. They can more easily manage raising young children, caring for loved ones with special needs, or helping out aging parents. They can also spend their waking hours alongside their favorite four-legged (or finned!) friends.

2. Having more time to pursue your passions.

A finite resource as precious as time is something to be preserved wherever possible. Those with virtual jobs know this intimately, and they get to enjoy more of it. Without having to factor in travel time to meetings, they can devote extra hours toward self-enrichment, fun, and building healthy habits.

3. Saving money on transportation and living expenses.

Coupled with time savings, work-from-anywhere professionals have an advantage that everyone appreciates: hanging onto more of their hard-earned cash. From gas to bus passes to dining out, they’re able to save an estimated $2,600 annually, and often much more. (Yet another bonus includes the tax write-off for eligible home offices, equipment, and related work expenses.)

4. Being physically comfortable 24/7.

No more fighting over the thermostat! When you’re location independent, you can feel the ocean breeze if you so prefer—or stay in a climate-controlled home office. From ergonomic furniture to ambient lighting and noise reduction, you have your choice of settling down in an ideal remote work environment that suits your role (or your daily mood).

5. Engaging with the world.

Getting out in nature, volunteering for your favorite local organization, or attending special community events are even more feasible when you don’t have to factor in a lengthy commute. Although feelings of isolation strike many remote workers on occasion, there are a number of ways to combat cabin fever and stay involved with the activities and causes that matter to you.

6. Connecting with colleagues.

Whether they’re in the same city, on another coast, or situated in another country, it’s possible to build rapport with colleagues and others in your professional network at times that work best for you. Rather than feeling compelled to participate in frequent water cooler chats in an office, you can have a virtual coffee in the afternoon or sync up a post-morning workout with the folks whose company you most enjoy instead.

7. Managing your own schedule.

One of the best things about remote work is the ability to feel like you’re your own boss, even if you do have one. Aside from attending synchronous virtual meetings, this means that you likely have the flexibility to shape the rest of your workday as you see fit. Not only does this mean that yes, you can be in your pjs if you’d like, but you can also fit in some of the other important stuff (hello, dentist appointment and errands!) that might otherwise be sidelined if you were office-bound.

8. Following your Circadian rhythm.

Speaking of self-management, another winning aspect of remote work is the freedom to work according to your peak energy levels. That’s right: no more dozing in a mid-afternoon slump by your desk! If you’re not a morning person, you can sleep in longer or opt to labor late into the night—it all depends on how you’re personally wired for productivity.

9. Feeling more relaxed and balanced.

Remote work isn’t without its own share of frustrations, of course. Yet the feeling that you’re constantly behind is something most of us shed when we leave the rat-race of traditional office life. A more peaceful existence that reflects your personal values and priorities lies ahead; how could you choose anything but a virtual job after this, you wonder?

10. Working with anyone, anywhere.

Once upon a time, you were restricted in terms of potential collaborators based on their geographic proximity. Now, your team might be fully distributed across multiple time zones, with your biggest clients’ headquarters on another continent, possibly within a culture that’s quite different from your own. Opportunities to learn, grow, and build bridges with all kinds of people exist at every turn.

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By Kristi DePaul | February 6, 2019 | Categories: Work Remotely

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