5 Steps to a Winning Morning Routine That Gets You in the Zone

5 Steps to a Winning Morning Routine That Gets You in the Zone

You may have been a remote worker for a while now, but perhaps you know you’re falling short in terms of productivity. Maybe you’re struggling with setting up the right sequence of events during your morning routine to help you focus after getting up. Or you may simply want to feel like your workdays are more “normal” and less chaotic.

The flexibility of remote work can be a slippery slope. If you can do anything, after all, it could make you feel as though you need to attempt to work on all things, all at once–until suddenly, it’s 2:30 p.m. and you still haven’t showered.

If you find yourself awash in a sea of emails or frequently unable to meet deadlines, don’t get frustrated: it might be time to reexamine your morning routine.

Here are a few tips to set a morning routine that works best for you:

Consider introspection first.

We live in a time of infinite distractions—so much so that it can become difficult to think deeply without context switching. Before reaching for your smartphone in the morning, try spending a few minutes in quiet meditation. Focus on your breathing and bringing yourself into full awareness from sleep. (Afterwards, you can think about your workday.)

You’ll be better able to concentrate and make progress with a clearer mind.

Help your body wake up.

Few grown professionals likely spring from their beds with the energy of an adolescent. If this doesn’t sound like you, don’t panic. You aren’t destined to become a remote work sloth; you simply need to give yourself the opportunity to stretch and move around. This could involve doing some yoga poses or even lacing up your sneakers for a short jog.

You’ll feel more alert and proud that you’ve already logged a bit of exercise.

Choose healthy fuel.

We are what we eat, as the saying goes, and that’s never been truer than in our era of processed and fast food options. Go out of your way to read nutrition labels the next time you’re at the supermarket, and make sure you’re not choosing items with lots of added sugar, which make energy levels crash.

Stock up on seasonal fruits and veggies—the latter of which can be oven-roasted with a sprinkling of olive oil—for heart-healthy snacks that last a week.

Get fresh and clean.

This is my own advice, and perhaps not surprisingly, I don’t heed it all the time. But it’s worth noting that bathing not only helps to bring your senses alive, it also encourages healthy habits beforehand. (Maybe you’ve got to “earn” the shower with a morning workout, for example.)

Working when your body is clean is much more comfortable and certainly more presentable if you have video calls planned.

Optimize your to-do list.

Giant lists might work for vacation packing or trips to the grocery store, but they’re definitely not the ideal way to get work done. If your to-do list looks endless (and has far too many items left at day’s end), you’re likely not prioritizing well. Your list needs to be realistic and attainable, and zero in on the most critical tasks.

Experts suggest including only three “must-do” items each day; of these, place them in order of 1) tightest deadline, and then 2) ease of completion.

Follow these tips, and I’m betting you’ll find that you’re not only able to get more done at work each day, but that you’ll feel better while doing it.

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