Remote Workers Share How They Embrace Spring

Remote Workers Share How They Embrace Spring

From spending time in their gardens, to planning vacations, to catching up on reading—and everything in between—location-independent pros are taking advantage of their flexible schedules to make the most of the season as it’s blossoming. (Of course, this could include thorough spring cleaning of home offices or refreshing your online professional presence, though for some these might be considered more of a chore than a fun pursuit.)

Here’s a peek into the spring-themed activities that a few remote workers are able to enjoy as part of their regular workdays:

Smelling the roses around the block and reading good books.

Based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Anthony Coppedge has plans to incorporate time in the nearby great outdoors into his daily schedule. As a location-independent agile marketing trainer and coach, he undoubtedly has plenty of client interaction in his professional life, so finding ways to enjoy the beauty of nature locally is a priority for him.

“With spring here, I’ll be making more time for neighborhood walks and backyard book reading from a lounging chair in the grass,” Coppedge noted. “It is my proximity to these as a remote worker that make this possible, and I’ll be taking full advantage of my availability to these options!”

A beachside getaway, (nearly) tech free.

Sandhya Ramachandran, head of PR and communications at New Campus in Mumbai, India, had a shorter window to enjoy the season—but made the most of it this year.

“Being in that part of India dominated by summer, spring is a very short season between February and March. This is an excellent time to unwind and break free from our humdrum existence. The water has a calming effect on my husband and me, and we usually love traveling to places by the beach,” Ramachandran said. “This year, my husband planned a surprise four-day getaway to the beachside town of Goa for my birthday; we ate some great food throughout the trip, soaked in the pool at our resort, went to the beach and relaxed. Apart from the phone calls on my birthday, I stayed away from technology. And that really helped, too!”

Exploring the countryside and wildlife on the road.

Two years ago, Dave Griffith, a sales and marketing manager at Corso Systems, downsized to a 300-square-foot RV and made traveling while working a lifestyle with his wife, Beth. Originally the couple agreed to give the working remotely on-the-road existence a six-month trial period.

“About a year in, we were driving the bus south, looked at each other and knew that we couldn’t go back to living in one place full time.” The flexibility of their lifestyle can lead to to unexpected experiences. “For example, we were at Mammoth Cave National Park over the weekend exploring the caves. I used the opportunity to visit customers in Kentucky and Tennessee that I normally don’t get to see. Then we looked at the map, hung a hard left, and visited Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. I spent ‘lunch’ staring down a bison in the middle of the road.”


Griffith’s recent lunchtime visitor.

The avid travelers have plans to visit New England and Northeast Canada soon, with weddings and business trips interspersed.

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