Why Remote Work Isn’t Just for Moms, Introverts, or Nomads

Why Remote Work Isn’t Just for Moms, Introverts, or Nomads

If you think remote work is best for moms or people who don’t like to work closely with others, that simply isn’t the case. A remote job has attributes that are attractive to all different types of people.

Here are a few types of people who might benefit from all that comes with a remote work scenario:

The Caregiver

Anyone who is responsible for the care of another person in their life (elderly parents come to mind, for example) might benefit from the flexibility that comes with remote work. Of course, it’s not possible to actually watch over someone completely while working from home, but when you work remotely you eliminate commuting times, you’re able to check in as often as you feel necessary throughout the day, and you’re available at a moment’s notice should something happen that requires your immediate attention.

The Millennial

A recent study about how millennials work proved that they have a lot of the qualities that make for a stellar remote work employee. They value transparency, collaboration, and innovation, as well as having easy access to mobile and social tools. The fundamental distinction of millennials, according to the study, is their digital proficiency. In other words, set a millennial up with a home office that’s fully equipped, and they’ll be raring to go!

The Dad

Remote work isn’t just for moms—many dads find the idea of working from home appealing as well. Long gone are the days when it’s solely mom’s responsibility to pick the kids up from school, provide the snack, plan the entertainment, etc. Most dads these days are just as involved, so if working remotely can help them spend more time with their families, many dads would gladly jump at the opportunity. Working parents alike can greatly benefit from remote work.

The Self-Starter

Remote work isn’t for everyone, and it’s certainly not for people who rely on bosses or coworkers to point them in the right direction in terms of workload. For people who revel in putting pen to paper and working non-stop, without interruption, until a project is done, remote work could be the perfect solution. It allows for initial collaboration if necessary, but for the most part people who work from home can get their work done in their own timeframe, which some might find very appealing.

The Social Butterfly

This one might seem counterintuitive, but consider this. Sometimes being a social butterfly in the office can be a detriment, not only to said butterfly, but to the people around them, as well. If you find that it’s hard to concentrate on the task at hand when you work in an office because there’s always a new coworker to chat with or birthday party to join in on, then remote work just may help you refocus and realign your objectives during the workday. With no coworkers in your immediate vicinity to chat with, it’ll be easier to get work done, which may be better overall for your career.

The Retiree

If you’ve retired from your career but still want to bring in some cash, remote work could be the best of both worlds. This type of job offers flexibility that most retirees crave, while still allowing you to keep your foot in the door at a job you hopefully enjoy, all while making a little extra cash, as well. Flexible work is a great option if you’re not ready to retire fully.

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