6 Remote Work Equipment Must Haves

6 Remote Work Equipment Must Haves

Purchasing the right remote work equipment the first time and investing in your home office will give you the start you need for work-from-home success.

Home office equipment runs the gamut from furniture, computers, printers, and more. We’ve compiled a list of the home office work equipment essentials needed to get you started effectively.

Here’s a list of remote work equipment needed to launch a successful home office:

Desk with Standing Desk Option

Office furniture is a critical piece to begin setting up any home office. Finding a desk can be as simple as using a piece of furniture that already exists in your home, or purchasing new from Amazon. With the knowledge of how excessive sitting affects one’s health, it’s now more important than ever to have a standing desk option. Standing desks can come as an entire system that allows your desktop to move to various positions, or you can find standing desk attachments that are inexpensive to add to an existing desk.

Here are two examples of standing desks:

Ergonomic Chair

Along with the desk is another important piece of furniture—your office chair. Today there are many ergonomic styles available that conform to your body and offer the support you need when seated.

These models offer lumbar support, which is critical for the best ergonomics:


As far as technical equipment goes, a work-from-home professional will need a powerful computer. Although desktop models are more economically affordable, a laptop will likely best suit a work-from-home employee who appreciates the flexibility of their role and who may need the option to take their work on the go.

Here are two laptop models—for PC and Apple lovers:


Any home workspace that requires connecting with a remote workforce wouldn’t be complete without a good headset. Headsets will be an essential home office tool when group or one-on-one meetings take place. Two types to consider are noise-canceling headsets that plug into a laptop or a blue-tooth capable wireless set.

Check out these headset options:

Transcription or Editing Software

When setting up a home office, consider what software might be useful to increase productivity. For example, transcription software could be useful if there’s a high level of transcribing needed for your business. Also, editing software is useful for any business that works to publish documents or provides content.

Here are some software options to consider:

Printer with Scanner

Another important piece of work equipment for any home office will be a quality printer with scanning capabilities. The scanning capability may get the most use, as a virtual office environment works heavily with email, and scanned documents can be quickly and easily shared if your printer is scan compatible.

Here are two highly consumer-rated printers with a scanner:

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