6 Great Remote Jobs If You Love to Travel

6 Great Remote Jobs If You Love to Travel

If you love to travel, having just two or three weeks of vacation time a year can seem a little bit stingy. With so much to see in the world, a few weeks won’t cut it.

Looking to indulge your wanderlust while maintaining a meaningful career? The range of great jobs if you love to travel spans many industries and can offer meaningful work-from-anywhere flexibility.

With a remote position you may find that, rather than parceling out trips here and there, you can capitalize on travel flexibility that removes many of the restrictions that come with a traditional job. A remote job could allow you to live a digital nomad lifestyle, for example, that’s a more free-flowing way to blend travel and career. Or the goal may be to simply have the ability to take off to another location (near or far) on a whim, without interrupting work or eating up your vacation days.

2018 annual survey on flexibility and the workplace conducted by FlexJobs, our sister site, found that 50% of respondents want flexible and remote jobs because they want to travel more often and have the ability to pay for travel. Other industries beyond those represented below can also allow you to travel while earning a living, and working in the travel industry can also be compatible with keeping up you career and enjoying life on the road.

Consider these 6 great remote jobs if you love to travel:

Content Reviewer

Take a break from your travel schedule to review and critique content as an independent contractor. Your professional area of expertise determines the content you’ll be tasked to review. The company is looking for professional attorneys, doctors, financial planners, and others to fulfill this part-time role.

Assistant Assigning Editor

Proficient travelers likely have extensive experience using travel rewards and loyalty programs. This employer seeks an Assistant Assigning Editor to work on the travel rewards team. Collaborate with writers and other editors while you fulfill your passion for travel.

Virtual Assistant

Work to support an entrepreneur 15 to 30 hours per week while you’re on your journey. Help build a business and support a business owner in day-to-day operations and manage daily workflow while you work remotely.

Air Agent

In this truly unique role, you’ll be connected with those who are blind or have limited vision to allow them immediate access to visual information. Perhaps you’ll even assist a visually impaired person in their travels.

Online English Teacher

Work as a contractor to teach English to Chinese students. Depending on where you’re traveling, you can adjust your sightseeing schedule to attend to your teaching duties, which are based on weekday evenings and weekends, Beijing time.

Fact Checker

Will you be focusing your travel schedule in the U.S.? Then this could be a good way to work while you explore. If you enjoy snuffing out inaccuracies and have a sharp mind, consider this flexible career.

Looking for more work-from-anywhere jobs? Check out these remote jobs hiring now!

Christine Bernier Lienke contributed to this post. 

This is a version of a post that was originally published October 9, 2018. It’s been updated with new jobs. 

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