Remote, Work-from-Home Jobs With TranscribeMe

Remote, Work-from-Home Jobs With TranscribeMe

As the remote job market grows, so do the multitude of options job seekers are faced with—including which companies to pursue. To help you narrow down your options when searching for remote work, we’re highlighting TranscribeMe, a company specializing in worldwide translation and transcription services.

Below, we’ve outlined details about TranscribeMe’s business operations, the company’s flexible and remote job offerings, and the career areas it hires for.

What Flexible Jobs Does TranscribeMe Offer?

TranscribeMe offers full-time, freelance, and remote jobs to international applicants, including Canada jobs, India jobs, United Kingdom jobs, U.S. National jobs (except for California and Massachusetts), and work-from-anywhere jobs for both entry-level and experienced job seekers.

What Career Fields Does TranscribeMe Hire In?

Flexible TranscribeMe jobs have been posted in accounting, administrative, bilingual, customer service, design, legal, marketing, sales, transcription, and writing. Among other remote jobs, these have included opportunities for copywriters, customer support associates, marketing managers, financial analysts, sales engineers, transcribers, translators, UX designers, virtual assistants, and other professionals.

What Does TranscribeMe Look for When Hiring?

TranscribeMe specializes in transcription jobs and looks for applicants who are at least 18 years of age, able to pass its English Entrance Exam, and have access to a valid PayPal account for payment.

Outside of a computer or laptop with a Chrome browser and a stable internet connection, no special programs or equipment are required to join the company’s professional platform as a transcriptionist, though the company highly recommends headphones as well. Furthermore, while applicants do not need to have a minimum typing speed, TranscribeMe notes that faster, more accurate typists have higher earning potential.

About TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe provides accurate, competitively priced transcription services, including human-edited transcription, AI-powered transcription, and translation services. Clients can upload audio or web links to the company’s online portal, and TranscribeMe’s platform will direct the content to a qualified transcriptionist for processing.

Offering “professional human transcription for any industry,” from legal transcription to medical transcription to podcast transcription, TranscribeMe primarily serves AI and machine learning, legal, medical, education, technology, market research, and consulting industries, as well as enterprises and call centers.

Through a combination of its trained transcriber network and artificial intelligence, TranscribeMe aims to deliver “the gold standard in audio and video transcription” and has served many well-known organizations, such as Cisco, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Deloitte, Facebook, Genesys, Harvard University, Oracle, and Salesforce.

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Whether you’re interested in pursuing a job with TranscribeMe or exploring flexible work options with different companies, there’s an opportunity to match your interests, skills, and work preferences.

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