10 Remote Executive and Director-Level Jobs Hiring Now

10 Remote Executive and Director-Level Jobs Hiring Now

As the pandemic continues and people maintain a social distance from each other, remote work remains a part of many company safety strategies. And though working at home helps keep everyone safe and reduces community spread of COVID-19, it’s possible that remote work will become the new normal for much of the U.S. workforce, even after the pandemic.

According to a Federal Reserve Board of Atlanta survey, the number of companies that expect employees to work at home at least part of the week post-pandemic nearly tripled, rising from 5.5% to almost 16.6%. 

And a June 2020 survey of hiring managers found that the expected growth rate of full-time remote work over the next five years has more than doubled—from 30% to 65%.

That said, there is a common misconception about remote work. Many people think that if you work at home, there’s no career path to follow or ladder to climb. But we know that’s incorrect!

We see a wide variety of remote jobs on our site, including executive and director-level positions. Here are 10 executive-level jobs that you can do remotely and that are hiring right now! 

10 Executive-Level Jobs for Remote Employees

1. Director of Content Marketing

The Director of Content Marketing for Chili Piper will develop a content marketing strategy that drives the growth of qualified leads and helps increase customer acquisition and retention through the use of compelling and relevant content. 

2. Director – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Director – DEI will lead the diversity agenda for General Assembly and support the implementation of new or revised policies and procedures in line with the new diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. This role monitors progress and adjusts the DEI plan based on data-driven insights, enhances accountability, and leads learning and presentation opportunities.

3. Director – Game Engineering

Reporting directly to the VP of Engineering, Zwift is looking for a Director of Game Engineering to manage a diverse team of engineering managers. The role is responsible for building and implementing project plans, defining and driving key success metrics, and identifying and spearheading initiative-wide improvements. Experience in the gaming industry is required.

4. Director – Human Resources Business Partner

The HR Director partners with the CMO, CFO, General Counsel, and other corporate leaders to lead, design, and execute all HR strategies to ensure success, performance, and growth. Must have experience working with different cultures and countries.

5. Director of Product Management

Penrose Hill uses machine learning technology to match their wine club customers with the perfect wine selections. The Director of Digital Product Management will lead the team, own product strategy and end-to-end execution, and give customers the best user experience possible.

6. Head of Finance and Operations

Reporting to the CEO of College Spring, the Head of Finance and Operations will direct finance and accounting operations, including planning and implementing annual budgets. The Head of Finance and Operations will also develop a financial model for annual strategic planning, present quarterly and year-end financials, and oversee financial forecasting and projections.

7. Medical Director, Psychiatry

The Medical Director will provide clinical supervision to a team of behavioral health providers while also providing some direct patient care at Cerebral. The Medical Director will also help create and refine policies, procedures, and mentoring and training programs, and will peer-review patient charts. Must be a board-certified psychiatrist.

8. Vice President of Development 

This position will help increase revenue and improve the efficiency of the fundraising system for Mercy for Animals. Leading a team of development professionals, this role will optimize operations, oversee and create content for fundraising appeals, and help devise strategic plans and policies.

9. Vice President, Marketing Technology and Operations

This role reports directly to the CMO and will lead the marketing technology and data strategy. Leading a team of 10 to 12 professionals, the VP will focus on demand funnel and pipeline analysis, modernize and transform the marketing technology stack, and develop the marketing plan and budgets while driving process improvements.

10. Vice President of Technology 

Reporting to the COO, the VP will provide thought leadership and strategic vision across all Netdata products. Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, the VP will evaluate current systems and recommend changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness, stay current on emerging trends and plan accordingly, and be responsible for all research and development initiatives around new technologies.

Climb the Remote Career Ladder

As you can see, you can climb the career ladder and land a remote executive-level job. The difference is that the corner office can be as close as your backyard!

Join the remote work movement, and get started climbing your work-at-home career ladder. Check out all of our remote job listings and connect with a remote job today.

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