Reboot Your Career with These Remote Positions Hiring Now

Reboot Your Career with These Remote Positions Hiring Now

Young children. Health issues. Aging parents. Family crises. There are plenty of important reasons why your resume might contain some sizable gaps. In America, the challenges associated with caregiving, life events, injuries, and disabilities are many—and finding creative ways to balance a career while managing them can seem nearly impossible.

As a result, there are professionals who opt to temporarily leave the workforce, while others are left with no choice but to leave. When finally able to get a routine in place and return to a “new normal” at home, they often encounter obstacles as they attempt to resume their careers.

Building (or rebuilding) an occupational history doesn’t have to be so difficult. contains a variety of remote positions suitable for those with a range of professional backgrounds. If you aren’t able to commit to a full-time role just yet, you have short-term options beyond an internship.

Reboot your career with these remote positions:

Freelance/Contract Gigs

Interested in giving remote work a try? A freelance or contract arrangement offers you maximum flexibility as you test the waters—and best of all, you can explore working with a number of organizations. Several freelance vacancies include senior graphic designer and video editor.

Part-Time Roles

Typically 30 hours or less per week, these opportunities enable you to get back in the saddle by trying out a remote position with a particular company. Here are a couple recent part-time postings: online associate faculty (English), and customer care specialist.

Full-Time Positions

Although done at a distance, many of these are the same roles that you might encounter in the traditional brick-and-mortar workforce. A few full-time postings include senior product designer, head of customer support, and associate web developer.

Your Next Steps

As you begin your job search, ensuring that you include key skills and abilities in your cover letter will put you in a stronger position. Once you do hear back from a prospective employer, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the virtual interview process, as it can include several rounds of conversations—some by voice and some by video.

After you’ve accepted an offer (and done the requisite happy dance that follows), take some time to prepare yourself for your new remote role. This is the start of an exciting new chapter in your professional life!

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