You don’t need a holiday to be thankful for remote work, since there are plenty of reasons year round to love it. Having said that, there are some extra special reasons to be particularly thankful for remote work around this time of year.

Below are six reasons to be even more thankful for remote work during the holiday season:

1. The ability to belt out holiday tunes whenever you feel like it.

Because let’s be honest, as much fun as the holidays can be in an office, your coworkers probably would eventually ask you to turn down the “All I Want for Christmas” track that you have on repeat this time of year.

2. Never missing your kids’ holiday play.

While yes, remote workers are still responsible for meeting deadlines and we do have to work with other peoples’ schedules, there tends to be a lot more flexibility when you work remotely. That means you should never have to miss a holiday play, sing-a-long, hoedown, or shindig.

3. Doing work from your Grandma’s house.

When you work remotely, you can work wherever you like. That means you don’t need to wait until Christmas Eve to travel to see your family—you can hit the open road or friendly skies whenever works for you and still get all your work done.

4. Eating as many holiday treats as you’d like without any of the judgment.

Sure there may be more holiday treats available in an office where everyone is bringing them in, but when you work remotely you can load up on all your favorites as often as you want and not have to share with anyone at all. Then early next year you can check out this piece for some tips on how to stay fit when you work remotely.

5. Staying in those Christmas pjs all day long.

We wouldn’t normally recommend conducting business in your pajamas, but the holidays are that special time of year when it’s completely acceptable to give yourself a break, because honestly, you earned it. So if staying in those holiday-inspired pjs all day is something that you’d love to do, remote work allows you to fulfill that dream. Curl up next to the fireplace and drink some eggnog while you’re at it. No one said you can’t answer emails while still being comfy and cozy.

6. Fitting in the 1,000 extra things on your to-do list.

The holidays are really just a disguise for figuring out how much a person can fit into one single day, what with all the parties and shopping that’s required. When you work remotely, it’s much easier to take a 30-minute break here or there throughout the day to get those cookies baking, run the dog to the groomer, or pick up your sister’s gift that just arrived at the store. Of course, if you need a little extra time to finish all your activities, it may not be a bad idea to take a day off.

We love working remotely every day of the year, but there sure is something extra special about living the remote life when the holidays roll around.

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