Quiz: What Type of Remote Worker Are You?

Quiz: What Type of Remote Worker Are You?

By the time we retire, most of us will have spent roughly 92,120 hours of our lives working. (This is assuming five weeks of vacation, so the majority of American workers are likely well over the six-figure mark.) That’s more than a third of your total waking hours, over a career spanning 50 years.  

Nearly a quarter of the workforce is now working remotely—many in a partial capacity—and FlexJobs CEO Sara Sutton told Fast Company she believes that number will increase to 50 percent of the workforce by 2020.

Just as there are a variety of remote work opportunities, there are a number of different types of remote workers who will fill them. Which set-up you prefer will have to do with your own professional priorities, values, and personal lifestyle.

Just what kind of remote worker are you? Take our admittedly-non-scientific-yet-fun quiz!

1)  You ditched your commute because…

  1.     you want to explore the world.
  2.     you desperately need more hours in a day.
  3.     you could be working on new projects.
  4.     your employer let you. (Score!)

2)  One of your favorite side bonuses of remote work:

  1.     new passport stamps!
  2.     uninterrupted time to prepare for your startup launch.
  3.     you set your own schedule with clients.
  4.     you have flexibility to be home with your kids or pets.

3) For you, the biggest downside to remote work is…

  1. packing (and repacking) your work equipment.
  2. those pricey coworking memberships.
  3. talking aloud to your cat, daily.
  4. your office-bound colleagues think you’re slacking.

3)   If not working, you’re likely to be…

  1.     strolling in new cities and/or trekking mountain ranges.
  2.    working, or at MeetUps talking about working.
  3.     hunting for new business.
  4.     mowing your lawn or chilling at a nearby cafe.

4)   You’d advise a remote work newbie to…

  1.     get her timezones and visas straight.
  2.     find his rhythm and set a routine.
  3.     make sure she’s prepared to quit her day job.
  4.     send you a virtual high-five.

5)   Your biggest pet peeve is:

  1.     spotty wi-fi access.
  2.     finding investors.
  3.     converting new clients.
  4.     conference line delays.

6) Your remote work “spirit animal” is:

  1. some sort of migratory bird.
  2. a cheetah.
  3. a honey badger.
  4. a labrador.

Now let’s decipher your answers!

If you answered mostly As, you’re a DIGITAL NOMAD:

You might have a well-worn passport, but if not, you’re itching to take the leap. Digital nomads are taking work on the road, the plane, the yacht, the bus to Jaipur, and anywhere in between with decent wi-fi. You might be going it alone, working as part of a nomadic duo, or even have kids in tow. No matter what, you know that bucket list won’t cross itself off.

If you went for Bs, you’re an ENTREPRENEUR:

Innovation and iteration are two of your favorite words. You’ve set out to boldly create a new product or service, and you’re not looking back. You may be striking out solo or be part of a small team of co-founders and early employees. Either way, you’ve got more time on your side to do your best work and change the world as a remote entrepreneur.

If you selected mostly Cs, you’re a FREELANCER:

Your role emphasizes personal freedom—freedom to work on what interests you, with clients you prefer, using a process of your own creation. The two things you don’t have? Limits on your productivity and profitability—or a safety net. You’re living on the edge, but as long as you continue to ship great work, you’re guaranteeing your next gig.

If Ds called to you, you’re a DISTRIBUTED EMPLOYEE:

You can move the needle from your home office. In this role, you’ve got a lot of the perks of a traditional role with less risk. Consistency in workload, teamwork, and collaboration all loom pretty large in your world. For these reasons, you’re ideally suited to serving as a distributed employee within a company that’s either fully remote or has a central office location.

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