Why Remote

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Choosing to take your company remote is not an easy decision. In our Why Remote section, we ask leading remote companies why and how they made the jump to remote. Here you'll gain insight from companies that were remote from day one as well as tips from companies that made the switch gradually over many months or even years.

What does your remote-friendly company do?


CloudPeeps is a talent marketplace that matches businesses with the world’s top freelance marketing, content and community professionals. Our mission is to allow everyone the…


Packlane is an online printing company that makes the process of ordering custom packaging easy and affordable for brands of any size by offering super…

Fog Creek Software

Fog Creek Software makes developer tools to help the world’s best programmers make better software. We make Fogbugz, Kiln & Hyperdev. We also created Trello,…

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What does your virtual team do within the company?

American Express

World Service is the American Express global servicing network that delivers a unique Relationship Care® service experience. We focus on turning every customer interaction into…


Our combined human resources and recruiting team helps identify talent around the globe for our corporate, full-time openings, as well as the numerous independent contractor…

Working Solutions

Ensures we attract the best talent and retain it through meaningful and effective company programs and a positive culture.

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Did you switch to remote or start out that way?

Help Scout

Many of the earliest hires were together in Boston, but we quickly started growing our team outside of the home base. So, kinda-sorta.



The Cheat Sheet

We did start out remote. This was a deliberate choice from the get-go.

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How important is remote work to your business model?


Extremely important! Remote work gives us the flexibility to work with the best talent anywhere and everywhere in the world. It has enabled Bitovi to…


Allowing remote work is an essential element of our ability to hire the very best people, regardless of where they happen to live, in order…


Building what we build, it would be impossible to tell our people they can’t live wherever they want to live – either in shorter spurts…

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What do you consider the biggest benefits of a remote workforce?


Access to a bigger talent pool and a happier and more productive team. This leads to a higher performance and greater employee retention.


Parse.ly engineers report that the biggest benefit of the fully distributed team is being able to really focus on their work, and thus produce great…


I have found this culture to be just as friendly and intimate as an office setting, if not MORE so. Our chat rooms allow newcomers…

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What were the main reasons to integrate remote work into your workforce?

Vork Inc

The founding team started remote—one in New Zealand, the other two in Berlin, but with the CEO always in another country. In addition we had…


Quality of life and the only way to bring together talent from different areas.

OnTheGo Systems

Actually, we didn’t integrate remote work. OnTheGoSystems was born as a remote company. Our first members were from Israel (our founder Amir Helzer), Australia, Romania,…

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