Why Remote

140 companies answer 6 questions

Choosing to take your company remote is not an easy decision. In our Why Remote section, we ask leading remote companies why and how they made the jump to remote. Here you'll gain insight from companies that were remote from day one as well as tips from companies that made the switch gradually over many months or even years.

What does your remote-friendly company do?


Background Checks, Employment Screenings, Tenant Screenings


SimpleTexting provides Text Message Marketing and SMS Solutions. The company combines their intuitive web-based application with a superior commitment to client support. SimpleTexting works with…


Appirio, a Wipro Company, is a global services company that helps customers create next-generation Worker & Customer Experiences using the latest cloud technologies. Our free-thinking…

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What does your virtual team do within the company?

American Express

World Service is the American Express global servicing network that delivers a unique Relationship Care® service experience. We focus on turning every customer interaction into…


Our combined human resources and recruiting team helps identify talent around the globe for our corporate, full-time openings, as well as the numerous independent contractor…

Working Solutions

Ensures we attract the best talent and retain it through meaningful and effective company programs and a positive culture.

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Did you switch to remote or start out that way?

Go Fish Digital

We did start out remote back in 2009.


Yes, Mokriya started off remotely and continued growing into a completely distributed team.


Yes, we started out as a remote organization.  

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How important is remote work to your business model?


Remote work has become an essential part of our culture. Our goal as a company is to “change lives through inspired software,” and I can’t…


Our existence as a remote team has been intentional since day 1. It enables us to tap into talent from all across the globe, rather…


Remote work is key to our success and fundamental to our identity. Co-founder and CTO Odysseas Tastalos previously founded oDesk, now Upwork, and is passionate…

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What do you consider the biggest benefits of a remote workforce?


The implied foundation of trust. We give our team the autonomy to figure out how they can do their best work. This can only happen…

Remote Year

As a company, we see our remote workforce as a massive competitive advantage. It permits us the ability to have a footprint in markets that…


Work flexibility allows team members options for how, where, and when to do their work. These options create a collaborative work environment between the needs…

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What were the main reasons to integrate remote work into your workforce?


The founders have never worked in an office, so it was a natural thing to do. What strengthens the decision is that people usually love…

Coalition Technologies

Remote work has been at the core of the company’s DNA since its inception. From the start, the company CEO saw the value in hiring…


Batchbook started with a remote team. The company was several years old before we started to rent a conference room for local employees. It was…

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