Why Remote

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Choosing to take your company remote is not an easy decision. In our Why Remote section, we ask leading remote companies why and how they made the jump to remote. Here you'll gain insight from companies that were remote from day one as well as tips from companies that made the switch gradually over many months or even years.

What does your remote-friendly company do?


We aggregate reviews of running shoes, sneakers, and sports shoes.


TeamSnap is a web and mobile app for organizing and communicating within recreational and youth sports teams (or any group). We help coaches, managers, players…


Sococo is an online workplace that allows distributed teams to work together in a single place, bringing together people from any location. Whether you’re in…

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What does your virtual team do within the company?


Our combined human resources and recruiting team helps identify talent around the globe for our corporate, full-time openings, as well as the numerous independent contractor…

Sutherland Global Services

CloudSource, the work at home division of Sutherland Global Services, employs customer service consultants from all 48 contiguous states to support industry leaders in the…

Working Solutions

Ensures we attract the best talent and retain it through meaningful and effective company programs and a positive culture.

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Did you switch to remote or start out that way?


We started off remote and we are going to be remote forever. Our CEO, Fabrizio Capobianco, had already implemented a “dual model” for his previous…


Skillcrush has always had a fully remote team. When I founded Skillcrush, the idea of starting a remote company was really exciting because it allowed…


We started remote and never looked back. It’s in our DNA. We could not run Scrapinghub otherwise.

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How important is remote work to your business model?


By focusing entirely on remote developers, we’re able to bring companies the best developers to help solve their challenges, rather than them relying on what’s…

Ultimate Software

Remote work is extremely important to our business model. In order to hire and retain the best talent, you must be willing to hire outside…


It is extremely important. Remote work has allowed us to build an amazing team of 40+ with people from all over the world.

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What do you consider the biggest benefits of a remote workforce?

Inpsyde GmbH

We’re able to hire people all around the world, not only within a certain area. Also flexible working hours.

Referral Rock

From a business perspective, I think the biggest benefit is retention and talent. I feel like I can find good people that do great work.…

GitHub, Inc.

At GitHub, we’ve seen a number of benefits to being a distributed company: Hiring. If you want the best talent, limiting yourself to the talent…

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What were the main reasons to integrate remote work into your workforce?


Access to the entire world’s pool of talent, rather than just limiting ourselves to professionals in one specific geographical location. Lower costs– there are less…


Bitovi’s founders Justin Meyer (CEO) and Brian Moschel (CTO) set out to create a team to build amazing applications the right way. With this as…

WAKA Kickball & Social Sports

We began as a remote work environment right from the start of the company’s inception. Because the company was a small startup operation, for cost…

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