8 People Share the Biggest Benefits of Working Remotely

8 People Share the Biggest Benefits of Working Remotely

Want to familiarize yourself with the very best perks related to being a remote worker? Well, there’s nobody better to ask than remote employees themselves. So, we did just that. We asked managers and employees from leading remote companies this simple question: what are the biggest benefits of working remotely?

From increased flexibility to workspaces that are always pet-friendly, their answers prove that there’s no shortage of things to love about foregoing the standard 9-to-5 in an office.

Here are eight benefits of working remotely cited by employees:

1. Accommodating family needs.

“With the flexibility I have right now, I can take care of my daughter way better than before. I’m able to get her from kindergarten in the middle of the day and just put in some more hours in the evening.” —Sebastian Göttschkes, VP of platform at Blossom

2. Skipping the commute.

“No commuting! This leaves me with more time for working, instead of to-ing and fro-ing.” —Gregory Dewald, founder and CEO of Bright!Tax

3. Eliminating distractions.

“The flexibility and the ability to focus on things without distractions. If I need to get my head down I can close the door, mark myself as busy in the calendar and on chat items and just focus without distractions.” —Paul Battisson, technical architect at Mavens

4. Building your perfect schedule.

“Freedom to manage my schedule based on what works for me. Even companies with flexible hours end up conforming to a schedule because of peer pressure at the office. Instead, I work the times when I’m productive. In the mornings, I do my high priority, focused work. Then I have lunch and go to the gym for a break. Then, in the afternoon, I do admin work like email.” —Fred Perrotta, CEO of Tortuga

5. Improving work-life balance.

“One of the biggest benefits is the flexibility it offers. It allows workers to strike a balance between work, family, and other responsibilities.” —Sara Pegg, director of operations at Scribendi

6. Enjoying a pet-friendly space.

“There are so many benefits, but one of my favorites is that my office is totally pet friendly! My dog and cat keep me company throughout the day, and I am sure to leave the office and get outside at least once a day in order to walk the dog.” —Tabitha Colie, director of operations at Seeq

7. Creating a perfect work environment.

“A combination of the perfect work environment and perfect coworkers. In a remote position, I’m able to enjoy my work from the comfort of home, but I also have continuous access to some of the brightest, most entertaining team members around. It’s hard not to appreciate them and the company for that opportunity.” —Gabrielle Pitre, recruiter at Coalition Technologies

8. Growing personally and professionally.

“The continued personal growth, alongside professional growth. You get to live an amazing life—whatever that means to you.” —Greg Mercer, founder and CEO of Jungle Scout

Needless to say, there are plenty of benefits that come along with being a remote worker. We want to know: did we miss any? What’s your favorite thing about working remotely?

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