Online Jobs Available for People with Little or No Experience

Online Jobs Available for People with Little or No Experience

Entry-level online jobs absolutely exist for those who are perhaps fresh out of school, switching careers, looking for part-time work or a side gig, or simply need to earn some extra income.

Below we’re going over six great online jobs that often hire for people with little-to-no experience. Many of these types of positions can be found on, along with a variety of other remote jobs to fit your needs.

Following are six online jobs available that usually don’t require a lot of prior experience:

Online Tutoring

Tutoring typically involves working one-on-one with a student to help them with a subject area in which they may need improvement. Tutors can help students ranging from K-12 all the way through college. An expertise or strong knowledge in a particular area will help tutors share their insight and different ways of looking at a subject to help the students learn more effectively. A natural inclination to teach and break down subjects into easy-to-understand concepts can qualify you to work as a tutor.

Online tutors can use phone, online platforms, or videoconferencing to assist students remotely. If you work on your own as an independent contractor, you can determine your own method for online tutoring. If hired through a company, its likely they will have their own preferred method and software. VIPKid, Pearson Online & Blended Learning K-12, and are a few companies hiring for online tutoring jobs.

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Online Writing Jobs

With little-to-no experience, it is possible to find an online writing job. While having a portfolio of writing samples will always help, there are many companies willing to hire writers without experience. Websites, newspapers, blogs, and more need writers to create content on a variety of subjects. You can find online writing jobs in nearly any industry imaginable, such as technology, finance, education, food, legal, fashion, animals, and sports, to name a few.

Online writing jobs typically look for candidates who have a natural writing ability, excellent grammar, research skills, and the ability to meet deadlines. Bustle, POPSUGAR, and Diply hire for online writing jobs. These types of positions are great for anyone looking for part-time, freelance, flexible schedule, or remote work.

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Online Editing Jobs

Along the same line of writing jobs are online editing jobs. This type of position is ideal for someone with an eye for detail, good grammar and spelling skills, and the ability to provide feedback. Editors or proofreaders will improve the work of writers by finding errors and polishing the writing.

With modern word processing programs, editing is a perfect job to do from home. It can be a solitary job that requires a lot of focus and concentration. If you are a skilled writer or excelled in English in school, it’s possible to find an online editor position with little or no experience. Those seeking an online editor job may find one with Vox Media, Lexipol, and Gizmodo.

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Online Customer Service Jobs

Online customer service jobs involve helping customers via chat, phone, or email. Just like a typical in-person customer service job, online workers will help customers with questions, process orders, provide solutions, resolve complaints, and act as product experts.

Online customer service jobs can be found with a variety of schedules—some may be flexible and allow you to choose your hours, while others may require specific days and hours to provide proper coverage. There can be temporary work options as well, since many companies hire an abundance of customer service professionals during busy seasons or holidays. If you have excellent people skills, strong communication skills, and the ability to remain calm under pressure, an online customer service job could be a great fit. TeamSnap, Liveops, and Sutherland are great companies to check out for online customer service gigs.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistants, often referred to as VAs, work as administrative assistants from a home office. These types of jobs can be done for individuals, departments/teams, or entire companies. Tasks completed by virtual assistants often include customer service, accounting, scheduling, word processing, data entry, and sales-related support.

Virtual assistant jobs can be found through placement agencies, such as Zirtual, or through individual companies hiring for these positions. Some companies we see hiring for virtual assistants include Cisco, Equivity, Inc., and Boldly. While little or no experience is often needed for a VA job, there are some soft skills that can help you land the role: organizational skills, the ability to work independently, multitasking skills, and problem-solving skills are just a few. (Read more on how to become a virtual assistant).

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Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is a career area that is practically made for remote work. These positions handle the smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information and data. Most data entry jobs include entering data into a computer system or into some type of a secure file system and may include other types of clerical activities.

Typically, strong typing skills will qualify you for an online data entry job. Some positions may require a minimum typing speed and 10-key data entry knowledge. Data entry jobs will usually require becoming acquainted with specific software programs in order to process data. The ability to easily adapt and learn computer programs can help you land an online data entry job. If you have a specific industry knowledge, such as medical or finance, this can also put you ahead of the pack. Companies that commonly hire for online data entry jobs include Alere, David-Kenneth Group, and Q-Centrix.

If you decide to take the leap to find an online job, particularly in any of the job categories listed above, it’s wise to be aware that your search could be ripe with job scams. Be sure to familiarize yourself with common job scams and consider using safe job boards to find an online job.

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