9 Jobs You May Be Surprised to Hear Are Fully Remote

9 Jobs You May Be Surprised to Hear Are Fully Remote

While so many jobs can be done remotely today, there are always a few that don’t seem compatible with remote work at first glance. We’re taking a look at nine jobs that you may be surprised to hear are fully remote. Whether due to improved technology, or progressive movements within the industry, all of the jobs below offer full remote working in areas you may have not considered before—medical, theater, and retail, to name a few.

Read more about each job, and click on the job title to apply. And don’t forget to check out Remote.co’s job board for even more jobs that are fully remote.

9 Jobs You May Be Surprised to Hear Are Fully Remote

Amazon Merchandising Specialist

This surprising remote job will develop merchandising style guides and ensure consistency across product lines, develop marketing copy, develop promotion budgets, compile product page enhancements, and more.


Working from home on a flexible schedule, the captioner will caption a variety of media, including classic TV shows, modern movies, and educational videos.

Director Finance

A fully remote finance director is needed at a healthcare company to guide financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures.

Electronic Submissions Publisher

The electronic submissions publisher will assist with the finalization and publishing of regulatory documents for electronic submission. A degree and 1-2 years’ experience with electric submissions needed.

Head of Complaint Handling

This remote job will establish methodologies for management of quality, technical, and adverse event complaint records. Ten or more years’ experience and a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering are required.

Licensed Clinician

The licensed clinician will work from home to help people with drug and alcohol recovery. The clinician will maintain accurate records and advocate for clients.

Online Professor of Theatrical Performance

The online professor will develop and deliver eLearning courses in theater to students at a university. A doctoral degree or MFA in theater is required.

Paid Advertising Specialist

The paid advertising specialist will work fully remotely to contribute to ongoing advertising process and systems improvement, manage campaigns, evaluate new strategies, and more.

Personal & Executive Assistant to the CEO

This position will help the CEO prepare for meetings, coordinate correspondence, manage the CEO’s schedule, etc. Four or more years of experience are needed for this remote job.

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