How Tech Workers Can Benefit from Remote Work

How Tech Workers Can Benefit from Remote Work

Remote work options are a natural fit for the tech industry. For employers, it makes perfect sense to offer virtual work options to engineers and other tech workers. On the other side of the equation, tech workers are driving the trend by demanding more options to work virtually.

A recent Huffington Post article, “Remote Work Can Work for Tech,” describes how remote work options can be a powerful tool for recruiting tech employees who want, and increasingly expect, work-from-home options. Like job seekers in many industries, tech workers looking for jobs in IT, as a developer for example, are likely to be more inclined to apply for positions with companies that offer great work flexibility.

Citing widely acknowledged workplace trends, the Huffington Post notes that as much as 90% of the workforce would prefer some options for working remotely. This trend was documented by a Global Workplace Analytics study that also concluded that employers around the globe have already shifted their flexibility options because so many workers are either already working virtually or using mobile technology to do their jobs.

Fact is, many of the companies that made the FlexJobs 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs are technology companies, or companies with job openings that are on the tech side, including flexible openings in computer security, system administration, technical support, and networking.

But it’s not just IT and computer companies that are looking to hire these individuals. Virtually every corporation, local business, government agency, and nonprofit organization relies on tech workers to fuel their organizations, grow their web-based presence, and engage consumers and potential clients.

Here are four ways tech workers benefit from remote work:

  • Happiness-Some of the nation’s happiest states are states with a robust representation of technology companies that hire employees in technology, including California, Colorado, Minnesota, and Utah.
  • Better Work-Life Integration-For tech workers, particularly those engaged in round-the-clock tech support roles, remote work can offer unparalleled flexibility in a remote workforce where 60% of employees are expected to join the digital nomad trend and be virtual by 2022.
  • Improved Health-The health benefits of flexible jobs for tech employees and others include greater latitude to exercise more often, more time to prepare and cook healthy meals, and more time with family and loved ones.

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