How to Land a Remote Customer Service Job

How to Land a Remote Customer Service Job

Working remotely as a customer service professional can provide a great opportunity for work-life balance and can be a satisfying career option. For those who are skilled at interacting with people, solving problems, providing information, and communicating effectively, customer service could be a great career choice for you.

Whether you’re a veteran customer service pro or you’re just starting out on your search, we’ve got some tips for how to land a remote customer service job.

How to Land a Remote Customer Service Job:

Narrow your search.

Remote customer service jobs are available in a wide variety of industries. Deciding if you want to work in a particular industry can help narrow your choices. Consider what you already know and where your strengths lie. Having previous knowledge or experience in a certain area can not only give you a leg up on the competition when applying for positions, but can also make it easier to do the job once you have it.

Do you have a passion for photography, have some website design experience, or are you particularly good at finances? Narrow your search to companies that cater to these industries. Do you have a favorite product or piece of software you use that you know inside and out? See if these companies are hiring for customer service professionals. Your enthusiasm and knowledge can likely help you in the hiring process.

Consider your remote needs.

Not all remote jobs are the same. Some allow you to work from home 100% of the time, but some may require you to come into the office regularly or occasionally. It all depends on the company and its needs. Consider your own particular situation and work needs, and narrow your search to companies that provide the level of remote work that you need.

Consider your schedule.

Along the same lines as the tip above, consider your schedule and availability. Remote customer service jobs are often available in a variety of shifts, such as overnight shifts, late night or early morning hours, weekends, or the traditional 9-to-5 schedule. Some customer service jobs will have a strict schedule, some may let you be flexible with your hours, and some may require you to be on call for when extra assistance is needed. Get clear on what schedule will work best for you and focus your energy on applying for jobs with the hours you need.

Prepare your workspace.

It’s a wise move to prepare your home office before you land a remote customer service job. This will provide a good space to do phone or video interviews, and it’ll be a bonus point for you if you can show employers that you’re already prepared to work remotely.

If the job involves speaking on the phone with customers, a quiet space in your home will be essential. It may be required that you have child care as well. If you will have roommates or family members at home while you’re working, a separate room in your home is ideal. You may be able to utilize a space in your kitchen, attic, a large closet, or a nook area if you’re the only one home.

Use the right job board.

Customer service jobs can be a popular category for job scams. Using general job boards where anyone from anywhere can post a job ad can leave your search results full of scam listings. Using a customized, niche job board can help you avoid scams and therefore expedite your search. provides job listings that are all remote and have been verified and vetted to be free of scams. Both and FlexJobs have a customer service category where you can find the remote customer service job that best fits your needs.

Start your search for a remote customer service job

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