How Croissant Helps Remote Workers Stay Inspired and Be Productive

How Croissant Helps Remote Workers Stay Inspired and Be Productive

Remote workers know that you have to be a master of self-sufficiency. You self-motivate, organize and schedule your work and time, keep yourself accountable, and on top of that, you have to keep yourself inspired and creatively motivated. That last one can sometimes feel the hardest as you struggle through a project or have a brainstorming session with yourself. But for me, I found Croissant—a tool that can help with just that.

What is Croissant?

To clarify, I don’t mean how the flaky pastry can help you stay productive and inspired while you work location-free, though I’m sure it can’t hurt. Croissant is a coworking app that helps you check into unique and beautiful coworking spaces in your city. I’ve found that using the app while working remotely has helped keep my creativity flourishing, while getting a lot of work done. Here are a few ways Croissant can help you as a remote worker.

Create a Routine

I know. You left a traditional 9 to 5 to break out of the daily humdrum of a routine, from that morning commute, to the office and the strict schedule. But establishing a routine doesn’t mean adhering to those traditional structures or throwing all of that lovely remote work freedom away. A routine can give you the parameters in which to work best, freeing the rest of your mind to focus on bigger projects.

Remote working is full of flexibility that can inevitably lead to distraction or worries: Where will you work? When will you work? What are you going to accomplish today? So much of that planning and worrying about where to get Wi-Fi can be fixed with a go-to coworking space—one you don’t have to fully commit to.

I use Croissant to keep that flexibility but add a bit of routine. I can plan my day and work a few hours in the morning at one coworking space, and move to another downtown if I have a meeting or want to be near my workout studio. I like being free to check in and out whenever I need but also having a go-to space to start my day.

Get Out of the House

Some of the bonuses of working remotely are eliminating a commute and enjoying blissful workdays where pajama pants are perfectly acceptable. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to get started on work.

According to Entrepreneur, keeping your work life and personal life too close can affect your productivity. Not to mention, the crazy cabin fever you can get when you’ve started and ended your workday at home. Creating a dedicated work area in your house can help, but for me, making a point to visit a coworking space or cafe in the morning helps me be productive first thing. It also creates a healthy separation between personal and professional time, giving my mind the rest it needs to percolate on new ideas.

I enjoy getting out of my house and exploring different neighborhoods or finding new, inspiring coworking spaces to try with Croissant. Each space has a different vibe and setup. I gravitate towards spaces with natural light, but I’ll switch it up depending on my own mood or the work I have to hash out.

Meet Other Creatives

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi—who identified the focus state as “flow”— said that creativity is as much a cultural and social event as a psychological event. You’re influenced by things around you, whether it’s your environment or even your interactions or relationships.

So while Croissant helps me find cool workplaces, it also puts me in an environment to meet fellow creatives and entrepreneurial spirits working on fresh ideas and businesses. I’m the type to strike up conversation at the desks or near the coffee station, but you can also use the app see who else is in the space so you can properly introduce yourself. You can also just get the unlimited coffee and put your earbuds in until you finish that work sprint, though. It’s up to you.

If you’re still considering, I suggest you try the free seven-day trial to visit beautiful spaces and see how Croissant can complement your own workstyle.

Georgette Eva is the community and events manager of Croissant, the app that gives access to coworking spaces on demand and makes the world your office. She and her team work remotely, exploring coworking spaces and new cities around NYC and beyond. Follow them on Instagram @getcroissant.

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