Looking for a Returnship? These 10 Flexible Companies Have Return-to-Work Programs

Looking for a Returnship? These 10 Flexible Companies Have Return-to-Work Programs

Returning to work after a career break can be daunting. You might feel like your skills are rusty, and technology has changed your industry dramatically. Recognizing the feelings and challenges professionals face after a sabbatical, many companies have begun offering return-to-work programs, also known as returnships.

These innovative programs acknowledge the unique challenges faced by returnees. Returnships offer a supportive environment to update skills, rebuild confidence, and reconnect with the professional world. If that sounds like the ideal boost for your career right now, we’ve gathered some more information for you.

What Are Return-to-Work Programs (Returnships)?

Return-to-work programs, or “returnships,” have emerged as a welcome trend in the employment landscape. Returnships often target mid-career professionals who took a break for personal reasons but are now looking to refresh their skills and gain current experience.

Key components of these programs include structured onboarding, skill development, and real-world projects. Although policies can vary between companies, a returnship can often lead to permanent job offers after your returnship ends.

10 Companies Offering Return-to-Work Programs

If a returnship is sounding better and better, take a look at the list of companies below. Consider the diversity in roles and industries to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Apple

Apple’s mission goal is to leave the world better than it was found. Well known for its Mac and IPhone technology lines, the software giant frequently hires for fields such as research and marketing.

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2. Audible

An Amazon company, Audible provides educational, entertaining, and inspiring audiobooks and audio entertainment available anywhere, anytime. Look for roles in industries such as entertainment & media or graphic design.

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3. Cisco

Cisco is a power player in the field of communications and internet products. Headquartered in San Jose, California, and hundreds of facilities worldwide, Cisco is leading a sustainable future.

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4. Hewlett Packard

HP aims to develop technology that improves life for every person, organization, and community worldwide. Describing themselves as “reinventors,” the team is reinventing how they work, play, live, and engage with the world.

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5. Intel

Creators of the first silicon chip and random access memory for computer use—that technology forever changed personal computing. Although the company is known for its processors, Intel also specializes in cloud capabilities and 5G technology.

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6. PayPal

When buyers need a fast, secure way to process payments, they often turn to PayPal, which offers convenient and reliable transactions online and on the go. Originally part of the eBay family, PayPal is now independent and is devoted to democratizing financial services.

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7. PepsiCo

A leading provider of food and beverage brands worldwide, PepsiCo aims to provide people with affordable, delicious, and convenient foods and beverages.

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8. SAP

Providing industry-leading, real-time data processing solutions to meet client needs, SAP frequently posts roles in analyticsIT, and data management.

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9. VMware

VMware is a software company that enables digital innovation and enterprise control for businesses. Previously, roles have been posted in categories such as engineering, sales, and project management.

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10. Wells Fargo

A community-based financial services company, Wells Fargo provides consumers and businesses with a range of diverse services, including banking, insurance, and mortgages.

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Find a Returnship for the Next Stage of Your Career

As you can see, companies across a broad spectrum of industries are looking for innovative ways to support their workforce. A returnship is just one of the programs these companies provide to ensure they remain an employer of choice for talented professionals at every stage of your career.

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